Coffee Meets Bagel

CMB or Coffee Meets Bagel is both a serious dating app and an emerging social network. You can comment and tag on its interface. It is also possible to share content and join a group. You can download it from the App Store (iOS version) and Google Play (Android version).

Registration process on CMB dating and application compatibility

Registration can be done either directly on the site or from your Facebook account. This second option would save you from going through a registration page. The application allows importing photos from your Facebook account to your CMB album. It is compatible with your tablet, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Users will be able to choose several languages ​​at Coffee Meets Bagel.


Coffee Meets Bagel: how does it work?

Ad profiles are available on your CMB page. You have two choices: “hold” or “pass”. When you like a profile, this gesture means that you have retained it. When the profile that slips in front of you does not suit you, “pass” and the next day another will be proposed. To contact other singles in privacy, a special issue is available.

The discussion is facilitated at the level of Coffee Meets Bagel by the presence of winks expressing your interest for a profile and another emoticon demonstrating the opposite case. You will be notified when a move is made to your CMB wall. The application provides you with the list of users who liked the pages you liked. It also lets you know if you and a member have common friends on Facebook. This function helps you to protect yourself against possible surprises.

As the name of the application indicates, you can meet in a café or concert. This option is called “real-time connection”. From the CMB app, you can count the number of singles in the room who are members of the dating site. A chat service completes the features of this small app.

A dating app that simplifies your dates

Your identity will not be revealed at Coffee Meets Bagel since the neutral number from which you are calling is subject to a serious privacy policy. The coffee meets bagel app makes it easy to set up your appointments. She offers you a list of restaurants and good places nearby to make them. Discounts accompanying these offers are expected through this platform.

Simple and practical

The Coffee Meets Bagel app is revolutionizing the dating industry. Available on your smartphone or tablet, it allows via Facebook to meet single people. The principle ?

You discover profiles and you have the opportunity to remember or “pass” the profiles that are presented to you.
In the same way, other registrants can also “like” or “pass” your ad.
People who have mutually approved their profiles are then automatically linked.

You can get in touch with other singles with a special number. This system aims to protect your privacy and avoid giving a real number (if it does not stick)! If you finally find that a profile does not suit you, you just have to switch and the next day a new profile is available to you.

Privacy on CMB

To better protect your identity, a neutral number is made available to get in touch. The place of the appointment is proposed by the application itself, which lists the restaurants and places nearby, but not only … Special offers are also available (discounts, promotional offers), if you go to the hotel. one of the recommended restaurants.

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