More than ever, smartphone dating is on the rise. After Tinder and Grindr, it’s time for Clover, a free application that puts everything on location and offers some additional options to stand out from the competition.

Clover: the new dating app that will dethrone Tinder and Badoo?

Exit old-fashioned dating sites, today the fashion is mobile applications that can be carried absolutely everywhere with you like Tinder or Badoo, and especially the geolocation that allows us not to flash on a person living to another end of the world Which is a significant advantage when you want to make quick encounters.

Tinder, the king of the location based dating

In the small world of love on the smartphone, it is undoubtedly the Tinder application that reigns supreme and does not seem ready to be double anytime soon. Still, competition is getting tougher, but the public has decided. At least for the moment. Because some innovations could well turn the wind.

Clover review, nice new things

The new kid in the smartphone sweep called Clover and works globally exactly the same way as Tinder, that is to say by focusing on geolocation and a quick and convenient application. Where Clover tries to stand out is by offering users to save certain profiles to keep them for later. In addition, a paid formula also allows you to chat with users without having “liked” your photo.

Clover a very complete dating app

Clover? Another dating app? Another clone of Tinder will you say to me! Yes, the Tinder, the Badoo, but with many additional features that make this app dating combines ease of use, speed of execution but also power in the searches and allows maximum control!

A clover with 4 leaves

To make the most of your chances, Clover relies on the functionality that made Tinder so successful. After you have signed up easily using your Facebook profile, the app offers a photo show of members near you using geolocation. Similarly, you have the option of “swiper” left (I do not like), or “swiper” right (Hi!). But where Clover goes further is that the app gives you the opportunity to save a profile to come back later! Finish too fast, too much zapping, the impression of having to choose in a few seconds! By having the leisure to postpone its decision and to examine a profile by taking time, would one come back to less artificial encounters?

In the same way, one more chance to make beautiful meetings is offered to you with the option to see who liked your profile (even without reciprocity). You can then review your decision and start the discussion anyway!

A promising start

Even if the app does not yet have the influx of other more well-known systems, we meet people who are really looking to make friendly, romantic or evening meetings (the choice is also allowed!). It is free for download and 7 days trial all options are offered to share photos, music and videos.

To have access to all features (such as the ability to contact people who have not yet “like” you or access additional search filters), you can choose between multiple subscriptions or the purchase of tokens to access bonuses.
Finally, we must appreciate the fact that despite the registration via Facebook, the Clover app is much more secure and can disable geolocation, control who can access (or not) to your profile and your photos, but also to select only contacts from a predefined age range.

Clover is available on Android and iOs (AppleWatch compatible). It is really a very complete meeting application, one of the fastest to take in hand and especially that offers really targeted meetings whatever your aspirations!

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