ChristianMingle, as I said above, puts a point of honor on religious values, and thus puts in relation Christians.

It makes me think a little Mektoube (that I would test one of these 4) who, he focuses exclusively on meetings Muslim.

Concept & Presentation

The site is translated into 7 languages, and therefore available in many countries, and it is also accessible via mobile. No application at first glance, but on the other hand the site has a mobile version of the site. I do not know what it looks like for now because I go through the computer!

ChristianMingle, launched by Spark Networks in 2001. It has been online since 2001 if I am not mistaken and seems to have a fairly large user base. I did not find information on the number of users in the USA, too bad I like this kind of number!

Free or Paid?

The site is partially free as often, and so to access all services and options offered by ChristianMingle, it will take a subscription. Two possibilities are present, a classic subscription and a subscription with option, the option free sharing. These benefits you doubt have a price, and to access there are three possibilities. A subscription for two months, one for 6 months and the last for 1 year. With, of course, decreasing prices depending on the duration.

Interestingly, the rates are very affordable compared to some sites.

Rates and prices of the subscription on ChristianMingle

By registering on ChristianMingle, I expect a site more than serious, knowing that it puts forward as I said above the Christian values.

Let’s see a little bit of what emerges from the pros and cons of

Duration Costs per month Total
Standard Plan
1 Month 29.99 $ / Month 29.99 $
3 Months 19.99 $ / Month 59.97 $
6 Months 14.99 $ / Month 89.94 $
Premium Plan
1 Month 49.99 $ / Month 49.99 $
3 Months 34.99 $ / Month 104.97 $
6 Months 24.99 $ / Month 149.94 $


ChristianMingle benefits

Good for the benefits, I start with the availability and accessibility of the site. In multiple languages ​​and on multiple media. They play on all the boards and aside there we can not blame them.

Then, the grip and navigation is easy enough. Registration is very fast and you can quickly access the site and members. I appreciate, because there are sites where we spend a good time filling out the form before we can do anything, I think of Meetic for example.

On the side of tools available we are served, and we find the classic messaging, chat and even a “favorite” option that allows members to highlight their interest in one or more cards.

Besides the profile sheets, are really filled criteria and info, and we find many criteria associated with the theme of the site, Christians etc.

Then, the subscription, I put in the benefits, because although the site is paid, it is very accessible, and the rates are not exorbitant as on others!

To finish on the advantages, after a small internal search, it seems that there are a lot of people registered on the site. Unlike Just A Love, where I was struggling to find people in my area here the results are very correct and offers me a wide choice!

ChristianMingle disadvantages

Good as on all sites there are some details that stuck. To begin with the interface, which does not necessarily bell but that in the aggregate does not let me think of religion more than another site. And I find it a shame.

Some sites push the defect of a specific theme, even in the design and interface. Here, we feel like on another site .. Too bad!

Another negative point, I noticed that a good part of the profiles were without photo and half filled. ChristianMingle does not force us to complete the profile at the entrance and this is felt once on the site when browsing the cards of other members.

Then, a point that bothers me is that the meetings nearby are not put forward. By that I mean, that on ChristianMingle, one will have to be satisfied to look for a partner in his region. No criteria to refine, such as the department or cities.

Finally, I come back to the community, which seems important, but at the time I connect, there is no one. When I say nobody it’s nobody! The list of connected users shows 0 users on-line! Well, it is 8:30 in the morning you tell me .. But if the site is available abroad, with the jet lag there should be people! Unless the different versions (languages) are not attached!


In conclusion, I enjoyed without appreciating the Christian dating site ChristianMingle.

I mean, that the interface is not Christian, or at least not put forward. Just as the tools available remain standard! I was expecting to find a section “confession” for dialogue in anonymous for example, or “masses” or something of the kind that could be real meetings in groups, kinds of outings!

ChristianMingle, with a flat on the community that displays a lot of incomplete profiles and few connected bonuses.

I take points off the interface and tools for the reasons mentioned above, because I was really expecting something else by trying this site.

On the other hand for the rates I put a 3/4, because although paying, it remains accessible. Just a pity that a trial version for example is not available, or just a month, to test.

In conclusion, it is the first site of Christian meeting that I test, it is a market well apart, and therefore I keep a good image especially on the seriousness of the site.

I keep a bad memory of the community, which in addition to being not very active, is classified only by region. And I personally like to look in my department or town.

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