I started my evening by going on the chat nrj, but without great returns. So I searched the internet for a “nice chat”. And it’s on Chatzy that I tackled.

How it works ?

At first sight the site seemed very easy to use, a simple nickname as often and two three info as the region or age are enough to connect.

I had already heard about it, and to be honest, I only had good feedback on it. But the “we say” that is not enough, so I had to make my own idea.

The concept of Chatzy is all stupid, a chat, chatrooms, private discussions, and of course with all this a few members, and here is the turn and played.

We find a nice guy, we connect, and we just start talking with strangers here and there.

Register and Login!

Of course, as on the majority of dating services, you must register. And on Chatzy we miss it, and it will be necessary to find a nickname, fill in some information as his age or still and his city and forward.

Once connected the chat offers a multitude of tools! For a free chat (posted on the homepage) I found it really not bad.

Chat, Forum, Webcam .. Options and Features!

So we find public salons (that I love) that also allow to discuss in real time with multiple users.

But we also find and of course the opportunity to discuss in private.

Side options as I said Chatzy’s chat is quite provided, so we find with the possibility of having a complete profile with a photo, many smileys, a group of friends, or the ability to filter groups of people (ages, gender etc.).

At the same time chat in private Chatzy is removed from the webcam, but also simple audio conversation and even file sharing!

For a free chat I find it quite complete all the same! However I could see a premium part, but I would come after. 😉

To finish with the presentation, I did not find more information as to the date of posting of Chatzy, however the site is managed by the ZENCO company formerly ZEROBEN with besides at its head: Mr STEIDL Isaac

A little history on Chatzy

As I said I did not find any information on the date of posting. However, I was able to notice some significant event in the history of this chat.

You must know that the latter has experienced the buzz through the famous site / forum

A community mainly of teenagers, to whom the concept to follow plutt.

However this is not the case for everyone, the spirit that reigns or in any case that prevailed on this chat led in 2012 the Anonymous to attack and put offline chat chatzy.

I also think that led to a change in the name of the site. The site formerly called Chatzy with a web address of the same name has subsequently become Chatzy.

In short, let’s get down to things interesting and more particularly to the premium version, the advantages, disadvantages and of course my opinion following this test.

Mobile Version and / or Application?

As far as I know there is no application for smartphone Chatzy, and it is a shame. Whether on Android or IOS, it will be without.

It is not very serious since the site is still accessible from our phone or tablet. Just use the web browser to access it, as we would do from our PC for example.

But who knows maybe one day we’ll see an app land on the play store!

Benefits & Strengths!

Honestly at first glance I was not disappointed with the Chatzy chat. We find a large number of options and as a bonus the public salons!

All that I like on the chachas so .. Side advantage so I could note precisely these many possibilities (even free version).

What is nice is that the chat is moving a little towards a social network? I’m thinking of some options like the group of friends. This allows to retain a little, find a common virtual place etc …

But I also noted other points, such as the community that seems active and whose average age is rather correct.

I started with the “Discu Sympa” show where I was able to talk to some people of all ages. I greet those people who have welcomed me without problem despite my first use and therefore not all understood! : p

On the side of the benefits I would also note the simplicity of use and grip. The first minutes are very difficult but we understand very quickly how totu works. I also greatly appreciated the ability to adapt the design of the chat to his desires.

Disadvantages & Low Points!

Well, as always I notice some disadvantages, at the same time we can always do better! ^^

The first drawback is necessarily the premium pack! You know I do not like paying for dating. It happens to me but you really have to want it anyway ..

In fact what annoys me the most in this subscription is that the chat is free on the presentation page:

And that once connected as on many other sites, we see “restricted”. Finally I do not dwell more on the subject, because I can conceive that there are fees to pay etc …

Another disadvantage I noticed that a lot of Chatzy users are here for something other than the simple discussion. Thus man or woman, you receive many private messages with proposals as weird each other. A reason that pushes me to prefer public salons to private.

Then, I noticed that on Chatzy it was not possible to be on several salons at once. Unlike the chat skyrock or even the orange chat for example where you can cumulate the salons, and thus multiply its presence and therefore its meetings.

There we are stuck on a living room, and when we want to join another, the first rocker on the new ..

To finish with the disadvantages of Chatzy Chatzy or Chatzy as you want, I would say that except the salons, the community is not that active. For a site as old I was expecting a lot more people, and especially to something other than bizarre proposals in PV ..

So I was a little disappointed, but I talk about it in detail in the end of the article. Before that, some tips and advice for Chatzy chat.

What if we are banned from Chatzy Chat?

Where some say it goes in all directions on this chat and it is not moderate, others say they are banned.

So what about moderation? Anyway, if you come to be banished from the chat, there are not thirty six solutions.

Already know that if you had a current subscription, you will have lost! If this is not the case then it does not matter.

Start by completely disconnecting chat and lounges, restart your box to change your IP, then reconnect.

If this option does not work, then change your computer, for example take your tablet or mobile phone.

Good plan or scam? My Conclusion & Rating: 10/20

Graphical Interface – 2/4
Tools & Navigation – 2/4
Concept – 2/4
Rates – 2/4
Community – 2/4

I only give a small 10/20 Chatzy chat after my test. I had a lot of praise for this chat, but frankly several points disappointed me overall.

Starting with the interface, although little looking on that side, I still find that it is quite primary! If in 2012 it was good today the web has evolved and it is far even far from the quality that can be produced to date.

For the tools I was really happy at first glance to see so many. I quickly disappointed when I saw that they were reserved for premium. This same subscription also left me a bitter taste, knowing that the site is free I do not see why they come to ask us a subscription .. The purpose does not bother me, however it is useless to say that c is free even if it is partially true, finally it is my opinion!

To end, the community although pleasant of the fact is broad age range and thus point of interests, net discussion others as varied and still mainly filled with person wanting other than simple conversation …

I think some tools like webcam do not help too …

In short, I enjoyed the little time spent chat Chatzy, but except for this post I would not go again!

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