To return to Chatstep, and especially its concept, it is therefore a chat. As one could find on the cat skyrock.

Except that on Chatstep it is much more complete than that! There are many more features that I would praise a bit lower, but especially an active community.

Because yes it is one of the most popular dating sites. And his continuously growing community is very active. No matter what time of day you connect, you will always find people with whom to chat and start a discussion.

This is not a chatroulette!

While we are clear, Chatstep is not a chatroulette! So it is possible that at one time it was a roulette wheel, but to be gone not long ago I can say that it is not the case anymore.

Now it’s a simple chat site offering lounges, or the private and nothing more. This is also not a bad deal the number of chatroulette site that already exists!

Registration & Login! How to use it ?

Simple and easy to access, registration on Chatstep requires little information including age and region but only a nickname or identifier to discuss freely with members.

Among other things, to identify and connect to Chatstep, there will be no need to register! However, if you want to take advantage of the premium offer that I will discuss below, you will have to go through the registration to create an account.

This account is still beneficial because it offers you options and features that are not available for visitors!

An Application or a Mobile Version?

So for mobile enthusiasts, whether iphone or android, or for tablet enthusiasts, ipad or similar, know that there is no mobile application Chatstep!

However, nothing prevents you from accessing the site from your smartphone or tablet including the mobile version of the site that adapts very well to all media.

Note any time that options like the webcam will not work very well!

Chat, Forum, Webcam .. Features!

As I told you Chatstep chat is very complete and we discover an assortment of features visible immediately on the homepage. The interface consists of public rooms that consist of a real-time dialogue with the connected users.

The list eventually enhances the possibility of private discussion if needed. In the same way, the private chat contains the webcam, the audio system and the file sharing.

In terms of available options, provides various tools from the creation of the profile to the filtering system. The member of Chatstep will have the opportunity to enrich his image by developing an album, gather a group of friends and enjoy the smileys. Sorting is done by age group, gender or even common interests.

Chat Chatstep: Paid or Free?

As far as prices are concerned, the Chatstep chat belongs to the category of free sites but reserves certain functions for premium members. In other words, it is based on the concept of Freemium!

The idea allows to offer a multitude of privileges and a surplus of availability in the search for a meeting.


So is it good or not? I liked it or not?

Well before giving you my final opinion on Chatstep, I can already say that it still has a lot of advantages. But hey, like everywhere, he also has its small set of disadvantages that goes for it.

Let’s discover together the essential points, whether positive or negative, that I retain from this chat!

The benefits of Chatstep

The free version already provides several opportunities, citing among others the social network to expand its circle of knowledge and retain registered people.
The community regularly displays active accounts.
The use does not require any special skill with a complex beginning but afterwards everything works fine.
The interface displays a practical design to adapt the chat as it sees fit.
Few ads and zero popups so no disruption of this kind.

The disadvantages of Chatstep

The premium package does not appeal to people with limited means. Once connected, we see that the options remain restricted.
A great possibility to receive proposals sometimes indecent.
Can not use multiple lounges at once
Unlike other chats, the space is less crowded

Tips & Advice!

Because I’m a girl it seems obvious to give you some tips girlfriends!

If you go to Chatstep for the sake of chatting and chatting, but you do not want to be overwhelmed by PV reveries, then save yourself as a man!

This will not prevent you from saying that you are a girl if the need is …!

My review and My opinion on Chatstep!

Overall, we discover an instant messaging portal with bad points to improve. In addition to the paying system, there is little chance of a serious meeting.

That said, there is still way to spend a good time on Chatstep! The lounges make it easy to get in touch, and to chat without a fuss.

After it’s like everywhere, as soon as we go private, it’s another pair of games.

The interface is still nice, and the chat is very easy to use. I regret that to access all the options you have to take a premium subscription.

Finally, chat Chatstep is one of those I like, and I would go back!

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