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The Good

free to register, easy to use interface, anonymity guaranteed, high member activity, no paid subscription required.

The Bad

the platform is not mobile-friendly, and there is no Chatstep app to download, lots of fake profiles

The Bottom Line

Chatstep is one of the most eminent chat dating sites worldwide. Users love it because everything is free, and they get to choose which chatrooms to join.

Member Choice 3.0
Match & Search 3.0
Ease of Use 3.0
Privacy & Safety 3.0
Help & Support 3.0
Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
June, 2021 Members

The first part of our review will be about the members. Most of them are from the USA, UK, Germany, India. When you browse the public chat rooms of this dating site, you will see flag tags. Chatstep has around 7000 daily visitors from all over the world. All members have to choose a unique username to use on the dating platform. The gender proportion on the Chatstep website is almost equal. Members can choose what chatrooms to join, but they have to comply with the room’s rules and guidelines set by a moderator.

How to Sign up at Chatstep

Signing up at Chatstep is easy and completely free. First of all, you have to pick a username to start using the services of this dating site. Then, you must provide a valid email address, choose a password and confirm them. The last step of your registration is to agree with Chatstep’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. As you see on the screenshot below in our review, you only have to click on the button “Register” to complete your signing up. They won’t ask you for any confidential information, and you can use the dating website anonymously.

Chatstep Sign Up

User Safety Measures

Since Chatstep is an anonymous dating site, some people might think it’s not secure enough. But the founders and the administrators have taken the necessary measures to prevent online scams. Both registered and anonymous accounts on Chatstep go through the confirmation of the Terms of Service. Besides, when you register, you have to pass the CAPTCHA challenge to prove you are human, not a bot. Another thing that helps for the improvement of the dating site’s security is email verification. All users are sent an activation link to the email address they have provided. Chatstep doesn’t store images or any other information on the servers. Moreover, the Chatstep website doesn’t use any tracking devices or cookies.

How to Search on This Dating Site

Chatstep is a chat dating site that works differently from the other websites, where a search engine is available. There are two options to connect with users here – as a registered member or anonymously. Either way, you will get access to the public chatrooms. Registered users of this dating website can join rooms that have a password. Another option available only for registered members is the creation of a chat room. You can make the settings of this room and even allow the publication of adult content. It’s also required to set the room’s guidelines and make sure everyone follows the rules.

Legit Members

As we mentioned earlier in our review, some people have doubts about the legitimacy of users on Chatstep. But even though the admins allow anonymous users, they manage to control the situation and ban everyone breaking the rules. So, we can say there are many legit Chatstep members with whom you can chat and have fun. The team of Chatstep monitors all chats carefully on the dating site to protect legitimate users from scammers and abusive members.

About Chatstep

A few years ago, there was no online social activity, and Chatstep was one of the first sites that provided such services. The website was an easy-to-use and innovative platform for joining and creating different chat rooms. Apparently, things haven’t changed today. Chatstep is still used by thousands of people from across the globe. It has up to 200,000 active users every month, which shows that the Chatstep website is alive and still in the game. The founders succeeded in creating a functional design of the interface, which guarantees a user-friendly and enjoyable experience.


Now let’s summarize our review in numbers. Chatstep has 10,000 members only from the USA and many more from other countries. The website is used more by male members, although there is no big difference in the gender proportion. And here is the age distribution of the dating site: Around 18% of the total male members and 11% of the female are aged 25-34. There are 15% men and 18% women in the age interval from 18 to 24 years old, willing to chat and start dating. The site is also used by people aged 35-44, 45-54, and 55+. No mobile Chatstep app is currently available.

Memberships Base

Membership Base Size

Active Members Estimate: 3,500 active weekly
Male vs. Female Member Breakout: 60% Male | 40% Female

Relationship Type, Status, and Needs Served

Relationship Status(es): all kinds – single, in a relationship, divorced, etc.
Relationship Type(s): Straight, gay, bisexual
Looking For: hookups, flirts, short-term and long-term relationships

Geographic & Language Coverage:

English, German, British English, French

Free vs. Paid Access to Features

All features of the Chatstep website are free. Users can join private or public chat rooms, share photos, create chatrooms.

(See feature breakout)

Subscription Payment Options

As we mentioned in our review, Chatstep is free to use, and there are no paid subscription options.

Accepted Payment Methods

No payments are needed


Can I rely on anonymity on Chatstep?

Yes. You can choose a username different from your real name.

Is it safe to use Chatstep?

There might be some scammers, so you should be very careful what information you share.

Does Chatstep ban users?

Yes, and bans are permanent. That is why you should always comply with the Terms of Service.
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