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The Good

lots of cool free features, spammers get banned for 48 hours, useful search tools, available in almost all countries, anonymity guaranteed.

The Bad

users have to fill in the registration form every time, limitations on free accounts, there is no Chatiw app for iOS.

The Bottom Line

Those looking for reliable chat dating sites might make good use of Chatiw. It’s mostly aimed at people who like hookups and casual dating.

Member Choice 4.0
Match & Search 4.0
Ease of Use 4.0
Privacy & Safety 4.0
Help & Support 5.0
Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
June, 2021 Members

Most of the people who use the Chatiw website are from the USA. However, there are members from Western countries like France, Ukraine, Belgium, Germany, Serbia, and many others. Chatiw members are mostly men in the age group from 18 to 24 years old. Although straight people dominate this dating site, it’s not impossible to meet some gay men either. So, if you are looking for same-sex relationships, you may try to find a suitable partner on this platform. In general, the dating site has a very diverse membership because the only requirement to join is to be a legal-aged person. But as you can see from the screenshot below in our review, most members are anonymous, and you should be careful what information you share with them.

Chatiw Members

How to Sign up at Chatiw

The next thing to describe in our review is the registration process at Chatiw. It’s easy and won’t take users more than 2-3 minutes. Besides, you are not obliged to provide any confidential information. The first field is Nickname, and you have to come up with something creative and interesting. But if you want to be anonymous while using Chatiw, don’t make it the same or similar to your real name. The dating site also requires you to fill in your age, sex, country, and state. When you are done with all fields, just click on the red button “Start Chat Now” and let your exciting Chatiw experience begin.

Chatiw Sign Up

User Safety Measures

Chatiw is a dating site, which allows anyone to join and doesn’t require identity verification. So, you should be vigilant and never reveal personal information. The fact that there are no photos and everyone is anonymous makes it hard to recognize fake members. However, the team of this dating website monitors everything. When someone breaks the rules, they get banned immediately. Chatiw doesn’t tolerate any online scam attempts. If you take the necessary safety precautions, your experience at the Chatiw website will be secure and fun. There might be some scam reports, but if you are careful enough, there will be no problem with the use of Chatiw.

How to Search on This Dating Site

When you log into your Chatiw profile, you will see the search button in the upper right corner. If you know the Nickname of a certain user and want to connect again, you can write it, but this field is optional. The next thing to choose is the preferred gender, and there are 3 options – female, male, and both. While searching for users on this dating site, you can also select an age interval. The last field is country, but if you want to meet international Chatiw members, you can leave it to all countries. In the end, you only have to click on “Search,” and you will get many results.

Chatiw Search

Legit Members

Although there are some complaints about online scammers on Chatiw, you can meet several legit members. The only problem is that you can’t see photos of them because this dating site is anonymous, and users prefer not to upload any pictures. The age, country, and gender of a user are usually visible. The majority of legit Chatiw members are from the United States, but you can meet great people from the European countries.

About Chatiw

The dating website Chatiw has been around since 2010. Overall, these years, the whole team of Chatiw has been trying to improve it and provide a safe dating environment for the users. As you have seen from our review, the useful features make members’ stay on the Chatiw website pleasant and entertaining. If you don’t really trust new chat dating sites, you can try this one as it already has a proven reputation worldwide.


Chatiw has 100,000 active members every week and 300,000 only from the USA. This dating site is more populated with men than women. There are around 70% male members and 30% female. 20 % of the total Chatiw members are in the age group from 18 to 24 years old, and you can meet people over 45 or even over 55. There is a mobile Chatiw app for Android users, available on Google Play. It’s easy to navigate, and the functions are the same as on the full Chatiw website.

Memberships Base

Membership Base Size

Active Members Estimate: 100,000 active weekly
Male vs. Female Member Breakout: 70% Male | 30% Female

Relationship Type, Status, and Needs Served

Relationship Status(es): single, married, divorced, etc
Relationship Type(s): straight, gay, bisexual
Looking For: hookups, flirting, casual dating

Geographic & Language Coverage:

English, English UK, French, German

Free vs. Paid Access to Features

No payment is required for sending private messages and links, reserving a nickname or enjoying ad-free pages.

(See feature breakout)

Subscription Payment Options

Duration Costs Total
1 month 4.95 USD / Month 4.95 USD
6 months 4.33 USD / Month 25.95 USD
12 months 4.16 USD / Month 49.95 USD

Accepted Payment Methods


MasterCard Visa PayPal


Are there any fake profiles on Chatiw?

There might be scammers on the site. If you see something suspicious, you should report them.

Can I remain anonymous while using Chatiw?

Yes, you can chat with other users anonymously. You don’t even have to upload a photo.

Is it free to join Chatiw?

Yes. It’s a free dating service. If you want more privileges, you can try a VIP subscription.
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