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Since you do not have time to try all the chat sites to get an idea and pick one, we did the work for you. I have concocted a small list that can help you choose a site and have the best experience on it.

We tested for you !

To get to this ranking, I had to test all these sites and ask others to do so. I was able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each dating site. In this way, I will not talk about it without having an idea about it.

Indeed, I hate these ranking sites that only take into consideration the number of people who go to these sites. This is certainly a criterion of choice since it gives you more choice. However, this is not enough to certify that this or that site is the best.

Ranking criteria

To make my small ranking of the top 10 sites, I have traveled no less than fifty. So I made a small grid that helped me evaluate each site in order to classify everything. I’m saving you sites that I did not like at all and that I had to zap after a few clicks.

So, my criteria are as follows. If I explain them to you, it is so that you understand the extent of the work that I had to do.

The number of customers

If you go to a chat site, it’s not to find only a few people. We certainly want to have the choice and it is only done by a fairly high number of subscribers. That’s why the first thing I look at is this number.

If the site does not offer as many choices, I pass quickly. But, this criterion is not the only one. You will quickly discover that it is worth, sometimes, nothing. Quality is just as important. To have many people without anybody being of quality would be like being thirsty and ending up at the edge of the sea. The water is salty and you can not drink it.


I admit that I have already paid in a dating site to try it. However, a free site is more attractive. Indeed, even if I have to pay at a certain time, I want the free version to convince me. If I pay, for me, it’s my way of thanking the designers and not just for the extra features.

So, before being seduced by the paid version, the free version must seduce me first. And, that’s what I offer you. Free chat sites, with a paid version, but still quite interesting if we stick to the basic version.

The specificity

Sometimes, we are not looking for a site where everyone can be there. When we are gay, we do not want to be bombarded by the opposite sex. Same for those looking for a site where you can find serious people. We do not necessarily want to meet people who are looking for one-night shots.

The effectiveness

Afterwards, the site must be effective. This means that its interface must be easy to understand without having to read a user manual. We must be able to understand the operation from the moment of opening. This is a very important criterion in my ranking and you will quickly discover it.


On a chat site, whether specific or not, we need a minimum of security. Whether messages that exchange or our photos, we do not want to see them in the advertising of the site in question. Confidentiality is important.

In addition, one also needs to be reassured as to the person with whom one exchanges. The sites that offer identity verification are therefore for me the best. This certainly requires that I give proof of my identity, but I can also make sure that the person I am talking to is the one she claims to be.

Let’s talk about serious things !

Here at last is the list you have been waiting for. The 10 chat sites that seem to me to be the best in their field. The order is decreasing, but the difference is not obvious. Whoever occupies the last place is well worth the first.

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