CatholicMatch, a Catholic dating site created in 1999, continues ten years later to operate with an active and joyful community. In our test, we will list all the advantages and disadvantages that make this site what it is. Is it for you? You will quickly know it.

CatholicMatch Signing Up Process

The catch of CatholicMatch is manifested for the surfer from the moment of the inscription, with a module of creation of account original and well thought out. As soon as the registration is launched, the site asks the visitor and future member to complete some very fast but very relevant forms. We must specify its “values” (Respect, Authenticity, Integrity, …), which makes us vibrate (rather sporty or homebody, spender or thrifty, …) and its appearance (style, silhouette, size, …).

But if this whole process is very encouraging and will inevitably seduce those who are in search of spirituality and serious encounters, a slight fault is nevertheless committed by the site during registration. It proudly displays the number of people registered on CatholicMatch, and this number is incredibly low: about 44,000 members at the time we tried it.

A displayed statistic that is double-edged. It can be a good thing for some, who will see a guarantee that those who are registered are 100% serious in their search. But could also push back those who consider that they will quickly turn around in this small community, once they have sorted profiles that do not match them or if they live far away from a big city.

Once the registration process has been completed, however, the prospects for the user on, testimonials, are promising.

Several very well thought out functions are to be found on its interface with a very modern design. The site has evolved with its times, thanks to a team totally dedicated to its success. Filters for contact searches are numerous, based on all the criteria that can be defined at registration. The list of results displayed for each search offers a small percentage of matching for each contact, to quickly eliminate those who have no chance to work. We can see when (time and date) a person last logged in. And several very good topics and ideas can bring members online and offline.

Pleasant experience for users?

With its advice pages, first of all, its “Guide for the Single”, the site provides its members with weekly and monthly articles on topics that will arouse their curiosity: the brakes to meet, how to live a Christian encounter, etc. Tips that can be put into practice in one of the many events organized on the site.

Because for those who want to spend more time discovering the other members, three types of events are arranged regularly: group outings organized by the site (which becomes a kind of “ holidays”), organized outings by the members themselves, group coaching seminars.

During outings created by the site, as for the two parties Eve at the mountain scheduled in December 2016, members have the opportunity to register to confirm their presence in a group trip. Accommodation and stay (activities) is managed entirely by the site, which only requires the payment of their bill to participants.

The group outings launched by members, which are officially posted on the site once programmed, are an opportunity for those who wish to meet in a friendly place (bar, restaurant, hiking, …) where they will be able to find love as well as lasting friendship.

Finally, the organized coaching seminars offer them to provide well-being advice to the members: how to get to grips with the dating site, build their self-esteem, improve their relationships, etc. All with the little religious touch, which will help believers become even more serene and happy.

The price of spirituality

Obviously, all these quality services have a price. To take advantage of this you must agree to switch from a free CatholicMatch account to a paying CatholicMatch, by choosing one of the three subscription plans. They are fortunately offered at reasonable prices, ranging from thirty euros per month for the most expensive (a single month), to 29.95 USD / month for the longest subscription, but more economical (duration of one month). year, for a total amount of 150 USD so).

Duration Costs per month Total
1 Month 29.95 USD / Month 29.95 USD
3 Months 19.95 USD / Month 59.85 USD
6 Months 12.49 USD / Month 74.95 USD

Low rates, which are all the more advantageous that the site clearly announces that it does not practice the automatic renewal of a subscription. Unlike 99.9% of general dating sites, your subscription will end once its expiry date has passed. It will only be renewed if you make the payment process again on Very good point!

Finally, it is important to know that the subscription is mandatory to participate in any activity on the site. Without paying, it will be impossible to participate in group outings, send emails to other members or respond to private messages sent … except in exceptional circumstances: if a Premium member has subscribed to the option “Privilege Member It will allow free members to read and respond to their messages.

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