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For those of you for whom the serious meetings (the best sites here) for a future shared with your partner seem too monotonous, we went around the sites of extramarital relations and naughty encounters that the French attend. A few years ago, being fickle was not so obvious – it was even taboo. Nowadays and with a globalization of women’s open-mindedness for their desires, infidelity and hedonistic or deviant practices for adults are increasingly trivialized.

Many sites flourish and allow us to meet women or men who are not ashamed to express themselves about their fantasies. Most naughty dating sites even provide a lot of features to avoid getting caught by your spouse if you are in a relationship. For singles, other sites provide that you can meet another member for a purely sexual and unattached relationship.

It is not necessarily easy to be sure of the level of security that such sites can offer us, especially with respect to confidentiality and privacy. Here is our comparison of naughty dating sites, and we ensure that your data will be well kept!

What the statistics say about the naughty encounter

Across the world, there is no photo: naughty dating sites are more popular than dating sites by affinities. The search for an online partner is no longer as stigmatized as it was. Indeed, 59% of Americans think that dating sites are the second best way to meet people (after meetings by chance on the street or in a park). 40% of them use dating sites according to a survey conducted by eHarmony and although 52.4% of men register more easily on dating sites (compared to 47.6% for women), women are for 33% looking for a meeting for a night without tomorrow.

This statistic is not insignificant since in recent years, we have seen a normalization of female sexual liberation. This results in the presence of sites that allow anonymity and respect for confidentiality while giving women the means to express their desires. Over the past three years, the tendency to register on a dating site to make strictly sexual encounters for both men and women has tripled. However, at the risk of being judged or slandered about their way of life, women are 24% to admit that they seek only relationships without ties while the truth is that a lot of women do not dare take the plunge.

According to Ifop, 52% of French people have already admitted to have gone directly to the home of their partner met on a dating site to have only strictly sexual relations. We are therefore on an evolution of mores in recent years, including social networks and the normalization of pornography in society. It is not a negative aspect, on the contrary, since this liberation allows many individuals to come together and share intimate moments without complexes, but also by assuming their sexuality – which is something new.

Rather than register on a sustainable dating site to expect to have a “coup d’une soir”, sites were born with the philosophy of “loosen up” this hypocritical mentality where married people pretended to be singles in the eyes of na├»ve contenders on general meeting sites. With these new extramarital dating sites, everyone assumes their unbridled sexuality without hiding the fact that we are not single and that we have someone at home.

We can now enjoy sites that offer sex at a distance without having to meet other members of the site on which we are. One can also have regular relationships with a member, or decide not to see each other again, but in any case, naughty dating sites are one of the pearls of modern times.

Relationship between naughty encounter and libertinage

The naughty encounter has a very close relationship with what is called libertinage. It is important to define libertinism to better understand this correlation. Libertinage is a thought of liberated sexuality. It was originally a movement created in the sixteenth century in Italy, to affirm the separation between the moral current and the Church, often too present in the decision-making of society. To be libertine at the time was to have a stream of free thought whether in conversations or through art.

Nowadays, this has a narrower meaning that denotes a broad sexual state of mind. It’s having unconventional sexual habits. Therefore, the link between libertinage and naughty encounter is obvious: in fact, a person whose sexual desire and fantasies are eccentric will not necessarily find it easy to find a partner to achieve his fantasies. It is then that comes into play the sites of naughty encounter that allow everyone to find a partner whose sexual interests are close to yours to realize their fantasies.

However, any naughty encounter is not necessarily linked to libertinage. It may be that we want to meet a partner for naughty appointments by having “usual” sexual practices. In the same way, any libertine is not necessarily inclined to use a naughty dating site: it is possible that the latter is already practicing his sexuality as he wishes with his spouse. Naughty encounters are present for lovers who crave pleasure and who can not find it in their spouse as often as they wish. Libertinage is simply loving to try new things that are considered sexually deviant.

In order to remove this feeling of guilt from the heads of married people in search of purely sexual relations, we are witnessing in recent years the emergence of an extra-marital dating site that allows people not to be frustrated and to assume their sexual differences. without taboo. For singles who do not want a lasting relationship but purely sexual relationships with other singles, then naughty dating sites are ideal for meeting people whose sexual preferences and desires are similar to yours.

The sexual liberation of women, as well as society in general has allowed these sites to exist and grow rapidly, because one must not be hypocritical. Indeed, it has been proven that 50% of couples have already seen one of the partners be unfaithful to their spouse.

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