Tinder, Happn, Adopteunmec, Meetic … There are countless sites and applications that promise us to find love. And now here is Bumble … Launched in late 2014 in London, Bumble is the app that conquered the Anglo-Saxon countries and landed in France.

What is Bumble?

Another dating app? Not only. Bumble is “a social discovery app”. Its creator, Whitney Wolfe knows the mechanics well. She co-founded Tinder, before leaving, scrambled with the other founders. In search of love? One can choose to meet “men”, “women”, “men and women”. A real progression since we are no longer forced to the standards of heterosexual encounters. And otherwise ? You can choose the “BFF” option that allows you to meet people looking to make friends. Ready to go?

Bumble: Dating Site Designed for Women

We are no longer on the shelves of a department store where the suitors are scrambling to be deigned to address them a word. Back to the real world (or almost). Here, it’s up to women to take the first step. On our screen, profiles scroll (depending on the category chosen). Mannequins straight out of advertising to the boys next door, there is something for everyone! We validate or not. If there is mutual approval, the connection is established and the discussion can begin. And again, it’s up to us to start … We have 24 hours to start the discussion. Not obvious but since it is necessary to launch … It is there that one discovers if the current passes … or not. There are those who want to take their time and respond politely. And those who send only explicit smileys … Classic.

Pros :

  • The “BFF” option allows you to discover people who are just looking for a friendly relationship. A real novelty in this kind of mobile apps.
  • Risk appetite. It’s up to us to take the first step, a real breakthrough for gender equality no? In reality we do not risk much. The really interesting / interested interlocutor will help us to start the discussion if we are struggling too much. And if he does not do it, it means that we do not lose much!
  • The right to error. You have inadvertently eliminated a profile that you like! Do not panic, we can rewind by shaking his mobile.

Cons :

  • The bumble boost. A module to activate to see the people who have already validated you. So we are not likely to crack on someone without it being reciprocal. The problem? The bumble boost is paying (€ 8.99 / month, € 5 / month for 6 months)
  • The “catalog” still little provided. Once the proposed profiles have been studied, a message is displayed: “You have already seen everyone …”. We remain on our hunger but as the application has just arrived in France, it’s finally quite logical, it must still expand.

Bumble dating app review: our favorite free dating app

Bumble is a new dating app created by a woman (not just any one since founder Whitney Wolfe is a former co-founder of Tinder) and thought for women.
After several weeks, we can say that contrary to Once tested recently and for which we were really disappointed by the profiles, on Bumble it’s the opposite and we love it.

How Bumble Works

To fight the scourge of Tinder, ie a lot of games but few answers especially from us women on Bumble when playing with a man, it is we women who must speak first (we find the concept of adopteunmec) but there we have only 24 hours!

After the match disappears.

I do not hide that we quickly find ourselves saying “Hello” to all not to lose the game. Besides, a lot of wind in my “Hello” surely due to testers, curious and some false profiles.

With Bumble you can see profiles within a radius of up to 161 km and choose profiles up to age 80+! Unlike Tinder who stops at 50 and over. As France Gall would say it may be a detail for you but for me it means a lot.

The strengths of Bumble

  • The photos are super beautiful: even if we sync with our Facebook for a faster registration, we can add other photos in our smartphone
  • It’s fluid and ergonomic even if some told us to have trouble with the pictures of profiles that scroll vertically
  • It is little known so still a lot of early-adopters but especially it hits the United States so we cross many Americans.

Bumble – The Tinder for Women

Tinder has killed the online seduction we know, and to overcome this of our many dating applications are born in order to compete and destroy this all-powerful.

Today we are talking about Bumble, a twin application of Tinder.

Concept & Presentation

Bumble was launched and created by Whitney Wolfe, one of Tinder’s former co-founders. She left Tinder in 2014 announcing Tinder as a sexist app! Claiming damages and interest by passing and leaving behind a pretty complaint that ended in conviction for Tinder.

But in short, to return to Bumble, who wants a little more geared towards girls than her competitor, the application will propose to women to take power.

On one side the interface, the use and everything that goes with it looks like two drops of water to Tinder.

Then it’s the girls who have the power as on AdopteUnMec and finally, when we gentlemen match with the said girls, in the manner of Once, they will have 24 hours to accept or not to take the first step and start a discussion.

Bumble says do not base its application on the physical and bring an extra touch to dating via mobile, especially thanks to the personal record that would be according to the more comprehensive at first glance!

Our Verdict

I still have doubts, and if it happens as on Once, even if the girls have the power that does not bother me, I’m afraid we dear gentlemen will spend hours waiting for a possible message .

I have nothing against the fact that the girls have the power, on the contrary it avoids excesses and in the end if one has the chance to get in touch with a girl we hope that she is interested.

Where it stuck on Bumble in my opinion is that in walls it is men who take this first step. It’s been like this since the beginning of time. Women are not used to it, and when they do it is frowned upon …

So, on Bumble or another app by the way, I’m afraid the girls will not take this first step, and finally Bumble remains an application for the curious and curious again. Who will just pass to see what is done as a profile and so on ..

M’enfin is to try! And besides for those interested Bumble is available on Apple as Android, and of course for free!

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