Good as I said above, the agreement or rather reading the name of this application meetings, I was expecting something related to the Blender, the kitchen utensil .. I was already imagining an app to share a drink something like this.The idea is feasible, but it’s not at all the concept of Blendr.

It is a dating application like the others, which works on the same principle as Hot Or Not, and nothing more. But this is not without reason ..

Blendr a copy of Badoo?

Besides the concept let’s talk, that I expect something else is a fact, and my overflowing imagination is perhaps the cause of my disappointment, however I did not expect to see the already seen! Because Blendr is nothing but a pale copy of Badoo.

I even want to say a short copy since in the end only the logo changes. Logo which is also hosted on the same address as badoo.

Chat, Forum, Webcam .. The features!

And that’s not the only detail that put me on the spot. Once connected we find exactly the same tools and features, and then why take the lead? They have delivered the same texts! You can also checked by yourself since even the website (yes Blendr is accesible from mobile then via the application and PC via the website) is identical, and when I say identical I do not laugh, you do not Just compare the two home pages and you will realize that the images / text and even the structure is identical.

Good for once I do not know if it is used for something to talk about Blendr and present it since I already said enough about the original version in my article.

Is Blendr free or paid?

Of course since it is a clone, the tariff is the same thing. The application is partially free, and can access full and meet you will have to go through the subscription box!

Rates & prices of subscriptions!

We will find the famous super power at the same price, namely 1.99 € for one week, and 9.99 € for one month.

When the famous credits allowing us to send virtual gifts for example it will also have to rely on the same prices, namely 100 credits for 2 €, 550 credits for 10 € and 1250 credits for 20 €!

Besides I wonder for once if the subscription once price works on both sites!

Pros and Cons of Blendr

Well there are still advantages that emerge, if of course we can announce them as such!

Already registration is as easy as on the original version, including the ability to connect via Facebook.

Then we find the same tools and features, in short the same site, however this version is a kind of simplified version! In any case it is what is said of Blendr and that would justify this copy.

Then there is the profile, so it’s even better, since if you had used the connection via FB for registration on the original version, you will directly find your profile, the same!

Which brings me directly to the disadvantages. To be a clone is a true clone, since even the community is the same. Same profiles, same fakes, same options and so on.

There is nothing new, and nothing that it makes this application in my eyes, a useless application if you have the original version!

Blendr app – Reviews, Ratings, Info and Rates

We never get bored if we are a member of the BLENDR community. With the advancement of technology, as in other social networks, we can make many friends on the application meets BLENDR.

The activities never miss on this site. To be able to benefit from the services of this site, an inscription is necessary. A form must be completed.

The BLENDR app is now available on the App Store and also on Google Play. You can also install this application on the computer.

There are people sharing the same interests, nearby but also looking for a soul mate. We can chat with other members in the same area as us without having to specify our exact location.

For enjoyable encounters, new friendly friends with similar interests, chat anytime and anywhere, do not wait to join this community, which now has more than 272 million users.

Conclusion and Verdict

I had to guess my note was not going to be better than her clone. Blendr brings nothing more and is only a copy.

A way for the managers to multiply the sites, enlarge the community etc but especially to enlarge their revenues !!

So I assign the same note too, except that for the concept I put a zero point and therefore gives a 06/20!

Nothing more, nothing that changes except a logo! It would have been nice to at least change the name of the features for example or the way they are presented (structure) or at least the minimum sindycal, change the texts !!

There nothing, we have a copy that we are used in the so-called novelty and as a bonus makes the Buzz .. Frankly I’m disappointed!

And if someone comes one day to make an application such as Blendr, at least for the name, I hope that the concept will be this time oriented to bars. If you know any of them do not hesitate to blow me in comment!

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