BlackPeopleMeet is a dating site that offers African-American men and women of colors to meet. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can get to know blacks and mestizos from all walks of life. Here, meetings are made with ease. The search tools are accessible, and the atmosphere, especially for black women, is relaxed thanks to the quality chart that ensures that everything goes well on the site. Existing since 2002, the site gives the assurance that everything that takes place there is serious.

Members and features of the site

BlackPeopleMeet, as its name suggests, is not a meeting site for everyone. If it is generalist from the point of view of age, of members, of their social level, it is necessary that all have at least one common point, that of the color of skin. BlackPeopleMeet members are all Métis or black to help make dating easier. These meetings are facilitated by the features of the site. Chat, messaging, geolocated search are some of the tools available to you. Many profiles are also filled with a photo. This is a crucial point in this area because a profile without a photo is usually a forgotten profile.

Why register?

BlackPeopleMeet is a place that is reserved for blacks and mestizos. Thus, it is easier when one seeks a person of color to meet each other to meet people. We feel more comfortable and we know that his interlocutor will have the same expectations. By consulting before the inscription the charter of engagement of the site, one realizes therefore that one is dealing with a serious site. Loyalty of the service on the false profiles, protection of the personal data or management of its peace of mind by the black-listing, that is as much asset which will put you in security.

Why Join BlackPeopleMeet?

We first register on BlackPeopleMeet for its principle. We stay then for its atmosphere and its simplicity of use. Over the weeks, we understand that we also stay there for easy meetings that can be done. Great love or story of an evening, it is easy to give yourself a first appointment with all the registered users of the site.
BlackPeopleMeet in a few numbers:

Number 1 of the Black and Ebony meeting

60,000 singles, approximately, registered at the club

Strong points :

  • A place reserved exclusively for mestizos and blacks
  • A constantly growing subscriber
  • A daily pre-selection of 7 profiles according to your tastes
  • Subscription without automatic renewal
  • The ability to access BlackVIP to highlight are profile on all pages of the site.

Weak points :

  • No mobile app for geeks
  • Be careful, despite the checks, the fake profiles that ask for money
  • A subscription to which we can add paid options that could have been included from the start.
  • Access to BlackVIP requires BlackGold and available slots.

At the moment I want to change, so I’m going to introduce, a dating site between blacks! Number 1 of the Afro and Métis meeting, I think it is worth the detour and you had to introduce it.

Concept & Presentation!

Our country, our race, our color, our culture, our environment and our past make us who we are. The group to which we belong is our comfort zone, it is comfortable to meet people from the same group, but it can also be interesting to leave the comfort zone and to approach other groups.

For the site is a dating site for Blacks, and yes the USA has a cosmopolitan population especially Paris among others, it would be interesting to have a space where meeting Afro and Métis is privileged.

The site is online since 2002 already! Almost 17 years of experience. It is accessible by contrast in version WEB (no mobile app). This does not prevent tablet navigation for example.

So, whether you are from USA or elsewhere, whether you live in the US or elsewhere, the site favors afros or Métis membership, but there is no exclusion policy for other colors.

By entering the site, you will see thousands of ads and profile photos, the choice depends only on you. To register, all you need is an email, a pseudonym and more.

Services & Features

As on most dating sites, we find on BlackPeopleMeet a lot of features and tools.

To begin not very detailed profile sheets, and very pleasant to consult. We are far from the Popup of some site or stuff a little rough.

The place where the BlackPeopleMeet site stands out is on the quality charter! It stands in five points.

  1. The first point, it assures you security by answering your mails and taking into account your remarks, it will act accordingly according to the accuracy of the information communicated so the propriety is of rigor for the members.
  2. The second point focuses on the protection of your personal information.
  3. The third point, the site verifies the veracity of information and screen vulgarities.
  4. The fourth point is the option “blacklist” which means blacklist, you can block as in Facebook the contacts you do not want anymore.
  5. The last point is loyalty in the service, members will be real no “hot” fake profile for animations or commercials of the genre.

Membership is simple and classic. The goal is to create a friendly space for blacks that is man or woman away from the cliché ghetto, but creating a relationship full of respect.

Is BlackPeopleMeet paid or free?

Well all this is still paid, and to access all the tools and features will take a subscription.

Rates are reasonable, and the site offers decreasing prices depending on the duration.

Rates and prices of Subscriptions!

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
Premium Membership
1 Month 16.75 $ / Month 16.75 $
3 Months 13.95 $ / Month 41.85 $
6 Months 11.95 $ / Month 71.70 $
25 Credits 0.04 $ / Credit 0.99 $
110 Credits 0.04 $ / Credit 3.99 $
280 Credits 0.04 $ / Credit 9.99 $

Conclusion & Opinion!

The site is a simple and user-friendly site for USA blacks, women can feel at ease and build relationships with their peers of their choice.

This site is similar to the dating site which is oriented towards Asian encounters, it is less selective and more open. I think it’s the same group that manages both sites!

By the way and if it is the case, I think to be able to affirm that BlackPeopleMeet is a very serious site, and that the quality takes there again over the quantity!

Of course, being a friendly meeting place for afros and Métis does not mean that there will be no weeds either.

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