Dating sites dedicated to round bbw women with forms and to those who appreciate them have multiplied in recent years. Is it due to a fashion or renewed interest in fleshy bodies? I can not say it, but I like round women and it is with great pleasure that I present you the site, especially dedicated to round girls.

In this review on BBWCupid, you will discover the qualities of this site which proposes to make beautiful meetings, without complex!


If you are a fan of round women or a woman who assumes her body, the BBWCupid site is for you. The members are mainly looking for love here and you will soon make beautiful encounters via live chat, messaging or chatting via webcam. No complex on BBWCupid!

Strong points

A site specialized on women with forms, on which they feel good
Quick and fun contact with members
The interface, simple and functional

Weak points

Small towns a little empty in profiles
The monthly fee is somewhat high, especially if you add the option V.O.D

BBWCupid Review: BBW dating site for those who like round women

The BBWCupid site is part of the network of sites managed by Cupid Media. This ensures a generally high quality standard at sites of its kind. And this is no exception to the rule as you will see later.

It offers round women to register to find a partner who will appreciate their forms at their fair value. We often see, on traditional dating sites, that the most prominent profiles are those of slender girls, corresponding to the beauty standards of magazines.

Yet, many studies show that men love round women! This is my case, and if it’s yours too, do not wait to register by clicking here. It’s free, and you will discover a very nice site, as I explain it later in this review on BBWCupid.

Registration Process

The registration on the site is fast, and can be done either via your email address (which you will have to confirm), or by using your Facebook account. In either case, it will not take you more than 2 minutes.

Then you need to complete your profile by detailing your desires and expectations. Do not hesitate to put a little humor in your comments, the girls on the site do not deny it as you will see in their description of profiles! Once your photo is inserted, you will find yourself on the home page, quite classic but very clear.

And the profiles that are displayed do not lie: you are on a dating site where women who have forms take full responsibility. Take a look at these profiles now!

Let’s see together the means of contacts available on the site, following this review on BBWCupid.

BBWCupid: share your desires and your tastes

If the site is original on the chosen theme, it remains however rather traditional in the methods of contacts that it offers to its users.

If in my contacts, I always favor sending a message via email, to refine my text before sending it, I must admit that live chat is also very effective. Connected users of the site respond quickly, as long as your message gets out of the way.

Moreover, some will also appreciate being able to chat via webcam, which multiplies the possibilities during a contact. The most shy will stick to the classic messages or sending Kiss.

Regarding research, it can be done via physical criteria, social criteria or by location. Depending on where you live, you will find more or less registered members. Smaller cities unfortunately have a poor profile, but you can check this by creating a profile quickly (and for free) on this page before paying a subscription.

Most of the members are looking for serious stories but it happens to be quite naughty users, as was the case for me during one of my night sessions which was much hotter than expected!

Let’s continue this review on BBWCupid by looking at the rates.

BBWCupid: Rates and subscriptions

The site is free for women and pays for men, as is often the case on the various dating sites. As a result, the number of female profiles enrolled remains higher than that of male members.

To try the site, you will have a trial offer of 3 days for 2.25 USD. This offer is automatically renewed in monthly subscription at 24.98 USD and gives you, during the 3 days, the same advantages as a Bronze subscription.

Subscriptions for 1 month, 2 months or 3 months are as follows:

the subscription 24.98 USD / month gives you access to full use of the site. You will get benefits such as priority profile validation, more profile photos on your page, unlimited contacts, regular profile updates (30 times);

The Gold offer is at 24.98 USD a month (60.00 USD for 3 months) and corresponds to a 2 months subscription. You are entitled to 6 profile pictures, 20 highlights of your account, 5 contact requests per day …

The Platinum subscription is offered at 29.98 USD for 1 month. The advantages are the same, but you will have only 4 photos of tolerated profiles (which is more than enough), 10 put forward, 5 contact requests …

BBWCupid Prices and Fees

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
Gold Membership
1 Month 24.98 USD / Month 24.98 USD
3 Months 16.66 USD / Month 49.98 USD
12 Months 8.33 USD / Month 99.96 USD
Platinum Membership
1 Month 29.98 USD / Month 29.98 USD
3 Months 20.00 USD / Month 60.00 USD
12 Months 10.00 USD / Month 120.00 USD

Strengths and weaknesses of BBWCupid

Strong points :

A site specialized on women with forms, on which they feel good
Quick and fun contact with members
The interface, simple and functional

Weak points :

Small towns a little empty in profiles
The monthly fee is somewhat high, especially if you add the option V.O.D

Our Review of BBWCupid

As mentioned before, I appreciate the round women and it is with some enthusiasm that I did this test. My opinion on BBWCupid is ultimately positive, since the site keeps its promises to put in touch women assertive assertions and men looking for this type of body.

I have used the site for several consecutive weeks and I must say that it is effective. Out of 16 messages sent the first week, 9 answers including 7 were interesting. Subsequently, I met 3 girls the week after, 3 the following week, and it is sometimes necessary to decline some proposals for lack of time. Everything will depend on what you are looking for while navigating here.

I blame BBWCupid for a lack of overall originality, as well as a small presence in small towns. For the rest, I think fans should go to this page to start dating right now.

BBWCupid, an uninhibited specialist

Gentlemen, if you like voluptuous women, then BBWCupid can meet your expectations.

The site is easy to use and has an active and courteous community, with whom to converse, exchange and meet to start a beautiful story, or simply to share a pleasant moment.

A nice discovery for a site that will, without a doubt, continue to grow.

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