We change a few generalist sites, and this time I come to BBPeopleMeet, a dating site you’ll understand, for people who have shapes, or who love people who have!

Presentation & Concept

BBPeopleMeet is a dating site made especially for men who wish to make serious encounters with round women. They gather on this platform to find love.

The complex and the feeling of embarrassment will disappear once registered on the site as the members all have fleshy bodies, men who love and fantasize about round women.

The site is published by the company People Media. It is open to all countries, mainly North America, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Some features of the site are free, but a subscription can take full advantage of all BBPeopleMeet services, resulting in serious meetings nearby.

Tools & Operation

BBPeopleMeet is a site that is very easy to use. It allows all single round women to make serious encounters with men who like roundness.

The purpose of this site is to bring all these women together so that they can feel at ease and get rid of the complex.

Hundreds of fleshy bodied singles use BBPeopleMeet, who are also conquering love. Visitors can browse the site and view ads launched by other users. But to be able to use all the services of the site, registration is necessary, simple and free.

BBPeopleMeet offers all those who use the site to make a refined search, depending on the locality and also other criteria. Live chat, shared photos and videos are the main features of this site that can lead to serious meetings with other members of the region or the city.

Subscription to a subscription is mandatory for those who want to go further on the site.

Mobile Version and Application ?!

Well does not yet have its own application. This does not prevent the fact that it can be found on tablet and smartphone, especially thanks to its mobile version of the site.

Free or paid?

Registration on the site is free, but the features are not free. You do not have too much option and freedom in visitor / free mode.

However, it offers the opportunity to try the site on 3 days only (2.25 USD), and it’s not bad. Rare are the sites that offer a trial version. Generally we pay full pot and basta!

BBPeopleMeet proposes us 3 formulas, namely the subscription Gold, the subscription Silver, and finally the Bronze.

Rates and Subscription Prices

All with different prices and of course more or less advantages!

Duration Costs per month Total
Full Price
1 Month 14.99 USD / Month 14.99 USD
6 Months 5.96 USD / Month 35.76 USD
Best Value Plan
6 Months 7.00 USD / Month 42.00 USD

It is obvious as usual that the longer the subscription, the less expensive it is. We note in bonus, that for the abo of 2 months you have 15 days offered, and for that of 3 months, you have 30 days offered!

Strong points

  • Free and fast registration (facebook connect)
  • Site available on mobile devices!
  • Affinity search
  • Serious meetings nearby
  • Discovery offer of 3 days.
  • Many registrants!

Weak points

  • Obligatory subscription (otherwise no access to options)
  • There are not only women round, not everyone plays the game.
  • Dating of the opposite sex obliged (serious and amorous, no friendships)
  • Not many fake profiles.

Conclusion & Opinion!

BBPeopleMeet is very practical. The complex of women round disappears, the site is even a platform that showcases these women with generous body. In addition, men who adore these curves are invited to join to meet the soul mate.

The site offers a great opportunity to all those concerned to find love easily, even without having to register, we can see the ads.

There are basic options, without too much or enough, and the site is really easy to handle. I tested with the offer 3 days, which is really not bad, by the way, it gives a concrete opinion, without necessarily being obliged to pay for a month or more.

Because yes, the site can please us just as it may not suit us for any reason.

I especially liked the ease to join the site (facebook connect) which allows in less than a minute to access profiles etc. .. This is not against a site reserved for “round”. I mean, there are people who are not necessarily round but who want to meet people who have shapes. So you have to do a little sorting.

In short, I think BBPeopleMeet, is a good dating site, very easy to use, complete and with a lot of registrants.

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