Ashley Madison

This extra-marital dating site boasts a community of gigantic unfaithful members around the world. Since 2001, Ashley Madison allows anyone looking for an adulterous adventure to get in touch quickly, for a one-night stand or for a lasting secret relationship.

In this review of Ashley Madison, I propose to explain in detail what has made this site a reference in its field!


Ashley Madison is a site known to people regularly attending online dating sites. Indeed, he was the first to offer meetings of extra-marital meetings. Ashley Madison pushed this concept into its main specialty.

With an optimized security policy, since a scandal revelation of its users, and a desire to make adultery a common action, this dating site has literally reversed all standards in this sector since its appearance in 2001 on the American continent, more precisely in Canada. It should be noted that it only appeared in 2012 in France.

Known data

  • A community of nearly 50,000,000 users across the globe! ;
  • Free for women
  • Experienced platform because created in 2001

The history and strategy of Ashley Madison

Appeared in France in 2012, Ashley Madison is simply the world’s first adulterous dating site. He is the forerunner of the genre since it was launched in 2001 in Canada.

Moreover, at the time of the design of the website, Ashley and Madison were names of children widespread in North America. This was a real seduction operation with mothers even if these operations have little morality in the end. It should be known that the site is customary of the kind with a multitude of shocks slogans in its history. To illustrate this, refer to the poster with French presidents that was censored in October 2012.

How It Works

The operation of the Asley Madison site is based on the use of credits.

Here are the different actions that you can perform with regard to messaging:

  • Send priority messages and request messages: For five credits;
  • Sending the first message: For five credits. Indeed, all other messages exchanged with the same member are free.
  • Virtual gifts available in exchange for twenty, thirty fifty credits.

The Cost of Chat:

  • To use it for thirty minutes, you will need thirty credits;
  • To use it for sixty minutes, you will need fifty credits

In addition, here is a listing of the different features of the site:

  • A chat ;
  • A multitude of research tools more useful than others;
  • Public and private photo albums;
  • Reliable and totally secure messaging
  • Possibility of a post meeting opinion with respect to the members;
  • And finally, a wink feature

Ease of use

With practical search features, you can see men and women who match the criteria you have chosen, such as age or hobbies. The results are clear, and you can see the pictures of the person you want to meet. In addition, this is extremely convenient since you will be able to choose members who want adultery and are online in real time or have been recently. This way, you will not write to inactive users.
Who the Ashley Madison site is for and how members behave

Ashley Madison focuses on women. Indeed, women are much more complicated to target and attract to sex-oriented dating sites than men. However, on this platform, singles are obviously welcome but the main target population are mostly married people who want an extra-marital relationship.

On Ashley Madison, members are encouraged to be kind and courteous.

Many things are not allowed on the site like the solicitation of goods or services, the harassment, the sexist remarks, the racial insults, the threats or the abusive messages. Do not hesitate to refer to the Terms and Conditions to learn more about the community protocol of the platform.

Anonymity and security

The inbox of Ashley Madison has been designed to provide maximum anonymity, reliability and security. Indeed, using the latter, you can easily manage your time and connections with the “Fast Response” feature. In addition, if you receive far too many mentions, you can easily make these users understand that you would prefer to reply to entire messages. Thus, it will be easier for you to find a discreet relationship.

Anonymity is one of the pillars of the site’s policy. It is ensured by means of a possible blur profiles as well as photos. This is done through a mask on your profile. So, you are sure to stay protected during any of your escapades.
Other features allowing anonymity and security are present such as the anonymous contact or the “business trip” option. This also allows the site to stand out from the competition of Gleeden or Idilys.

The excitement and the unknown about a trip and the discovery of a new country is often an opportunity for new encounters. Thus, by means of the functions “the traveler” and “the traveler”, you will be able to organize these meetings even before leaving home. That’s why with Ashley Madison, do not hesitate to send a message to members abroad.

Ashley Madison, the benefits of the extra-marital relationship

The Ashley Madison extra-marital dating site is a Canadian-based site offering services in more than 50 countries.

Initially launched in 2001 in Canada, with the idea of ​​offering married men and women, but in search of an extra-marital relationship, the site Ashley Madison then spread to the world.

It is in 2012 that he arrives in France, with this desire to democratize adultery. Success is there and the site now has more than 50 million members worldwide. Despite the controversies related to the moral issue of these meetings, the site is still the leader of the meeting between married people. You can create a free account in a few minutes (on this page), to show you the impressive number of profiles available.

But numbers are not everything. Let’s see in the following of this opinion on Ashley Madison if the site allows meetings of qualities.

Ashley Madison, a colossal choice to deceive

After creating a complete profile for free, so I can give you a review on Ashley Madison that is as detailed as possible, I started browsing the site.

You must know that as soon as you register, you can define what type of relationship you are looking for: quick encounter without continuation, long unfaithful relationship, naughty conversation without real encounter, exciting exchange … The possibilities are numerous enough to suit everyone, and nothing does not prevent you from changing your desires.

What strikes your arrival on the main page is the choice of profiles available. There are a lot of registrants, and it seems that it is not limited to big cities only. Thus, you should be able to find profiles looking for entertainment near you. You can make sure now, to make your first search after creating your profile.

There are many women on the site because it is totally free for women. But the parity seems pretty well respected and everyone will find members adapted to his tastes. There are a lot of people in their thirties, a lot of people in their 40s, but there are some more mature profiles.

Review of Ashley Madison, uncomplicated adultery

The means of contact of the site Ashley Madison are rather classic, but very well thought out.

Here you will find a cat, a messenger, winks to show your interest, a research system quite advanced, by criteria or via geolocation (practice when you are away from home for example.) In this regard, the site has a business trip option that indicates that you are only passing, and therefore the relationship sought will be ephemeral. We only regret that there is not a webcam option to spice up a little trade!

But where the site is very well designed, it is at the level of discretion and confidentiality that ensures you. Like all cheaters, you do not want to be pinched! Well, Ashley Madison has thought of everything: on the one hand, your photos can be hidden and unveiled only to members to whom you allow access. In addition, you will also have the option of using a quick keyboard shortcut to hide the site if needed. Finally, the payments made will be discreet and will never betray you (they appear under another name).

Quickly, you will discover that users of this site do not hide their desires or their expectations, and each discussion will lead at least to an exchange without taboos. If you are curious and the world of infidelity does not scare you, simply complete your profile by clicking here and start meeting naughty members.

Fees and subscriptions

Ashley Madison is a totally free dating site for women, which explains their strong presence on the site.

For men, no subscription, but the purchase of credit pack is required to be able to get in touch with the users. These credits act as virtual currency and each action will cost you a few credits. For example, you will spend 5 credits for the first message sent, a chat session will cost you 30 credits …

It is an interesting system, which avoids having to commit for several months. You only need to know how to manage your credits to take advantage of the services of the site, and to acquire new ones once they are exhausted. The prices for these packs are as follows:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
100 Credits 0.49 USD / Credit 49.00 USD
500 Credits 0.29 USD / Credit 145.00 USD
Affair Guarantee
1,000 Credits 0.24 USD / Credit 240.00 USD


Strengths and weaknesses of Ashley Madison

Strong points :

  • Free for women
  • The large number of profiles available
  • The credit system
  • Business trip or research options.

Weak points :

  • High tariffs
  • No possibility to use the webcam

Our Review of Ashley Madison

My opinion on Ashley Madison, one of the world’s best-known online dating sites, is very positive.

It must be said that the large number of members found here allows you to discuss quickly, no matter where you are, and thus to multiply adulterous encounters. I was delighted to get a lot of responses to my posts, and to be contacted by pretty women looking for a man for the evening.

Ashley Madison fulfills her role very well, ensuring discretion and anonymity during your forbidden getaways. You will not be caught, and you will be able to satisfy your envy elsewhere without risk.

If you were afraid to take the plunge, rest assured! It only takes a few minutes to register (by clicking here) and many opportunities to be unfaithful will be available to you.
Review Ashley Madison, number 1 of infidelity

I would conclude this opinion on Ashley Madison confirming that this adultery dating site is indeed a reliable reference that will allow you to deceive with ease.

No moral judgment on this site, only users who want to have fun, flourish, and find pleasure they have lost over time. Fidelity seems to have its limits, it is at least the message that we pass the site Ashley Madison with its many temptations.

Discreet, affordable and international, the Ashley Madison extra-marital dating site will delight the most adventurous cheaters.

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