ArabLounge, is a dating site for Arabs and Muslims. There are lots of dating sites in the genre, I think Mektoube or Inchallah among others. Except that most are paying!

As mentioned above, the concept of the site is to meet a Muslim and / or Arab. Unlike others who propose the meeting exclusively “between”, here you can be Christian or even Jewish and register if you are looking for a Muslim.

ArabLounge has been online since 2009 and has more than 120,000 registered across different countries. Moreover the site in addition to being available in several languages, it is found on mobile with a dedicated version, is in bonus available via its application (android / ios) always and again free!

Chat, Forum .. The features!

For a free site, I find that ArabLounge is satisfactory in terms of tools and features. In addition, there are classic features such as internal search, messaging or flirting.

Tools and Features – ArabLounge

The profiles are quite complete, but still lack customization. In fact, you are asked to complete your profile upon registration.

Funny thing about the famous criteria of profiles is that we are limited. But I’ll talk about it a little further down.

To return to ArabLounge’s features, we are also entitled to members of our country (available in several countries reminder), but also the last registered or connected members. I appreciate, because usually sites that do not offer these tools, it simply means that there is no activity on the site …

Note also that these pages are more like a directory of classifieds. It’s nice in the sense that you can have a look also at the description and the criteria or in any case partly, without necessarily having to click and visit the profile as on other sites or only the vignette (profile picture ) is visible.

Is ArabLounge free or paid?

Here’s the pricing and fees of ArabLounge!

Duration Costs per month Total
Platinum Membership
1 Month 39.99 $ / Month 39.99 $
3 Months 29.99 $ / Month 89.97 $
6 Months 24.99 $ / Month 149.94 $

Mobile Version and / or Application?

I discovered ArabLounge through its website version, but if I’m not mistaken, an app is available on both iOS and Android.

I admit that I have tested only the version website, so I do not know what the mobile version or the application gives. If you downloaded it, do not hesitate to tell me all this in the comments!

Community & Activity!

On the community side and activity of ArabLounge I had a little trouble getting a concrete idea. On the one hand, we have the members’ page on line, which suggests and thinks that there are a lot of active people.

But on the other hand we have this homepage in the member area that shows a crowd of empty profile (no photos)!

ArabLounge Features

Discover and communicate

Meet virtually thousands of singles with the same sensitivity and log on at a crazy speed, on a computer, tablet or your phone. Discuss until the end of the night if you wish. Post photos, share your interests and dreams, we’ll help you give your best while you do it.

Win time and money

By the time you find a parking space and buy a drink, you have already spent a lot of money and have not met anyone yet. Here, it’s easy to meet people and feel things first, so when you go to that first date, or get together for a coffee, you can relax and be yourself.

Security and support

You can face difficult conditions in nature. Here you benefit from our internal auditing protocols, high-level encryption and a whole community of researchers who help eliminate enemies. For more than 15 years, we have been helping people find love and build powerful, lasting relationships.

ARAB MEETINGS ON THE INTERNET is an online community that connects Arab men and women. The site offers a safe and discreet environment to meet people from similar backgrounds.


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