AnastasiaDate is a dating agency to meet Russian and Ukrainian women. AnastasiaDate is a reliable and perennial brand, well known to men and women on both sides of the Atlantic. A very large selection of the most gorgeous women is featured on Ladies of different types with really happy eyes. It’s very simple to know information about each of them – just click on the girl you like – and her photo album is at your disposal. The site offers a multitude of options such as providing a video with the woman of your dreams to offer help in his visit. The site organizes the meeting and offers you a wonderful opportunity to communicate and get to know the lady chosen in advance. The Practical Search Option helps you find the exact category of girls you like.


Edited by Anastasia International Inc., is an online service for singles looking for a serious relationship. It allows men from all over the world to find a Russian or Ukrainian woman (mainly), but also some other nationalities. The site brings together beautiful single ladies, especially the two countries, who are looking for a partner. The platform is thus placed in a very good place since Russian women are very appreciated for their qualities and their grace in love.

Communication Tools

The inbox allows you to view the letters you receive. New mail sent by young women is displayed in yellow so you can easily distinguish them from the ones you have already read. When the birthday of one of your correspondents approaches, an e-mail is sent to you, specifying the exact date so that you do not miss it.

Community and Members

AnastasiaDate has over 13,000 active profiles of superb women. All these young women are very real and available for a phone conversation, a video conference in real time and even a one-on-one meeting during one of our Romance stays. In addition, if you decide to send flowers to one of them via our flower and gift delivery service, you will receive a photo of the young woman taken at the moment your gift is given to her.

For men seeking Russian and Ukrainian women on AnastasiaDate. This site is one of the safest we can find.

Rates and Pricing

The platform is completely free for women. As far as men are concerned, only registration is free, but the use of the services is paid and works on the basis of credits to be recharged. You can recharge for the amount you want, but from a minimum amount set the rates page.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
1 Month 9.99 USD / Month 9.99 USD
20 Credits 0.80 USD / Credit 15.99 USD
40 Credits 0.75 USD / Credit 30.00 USD
80 Credits 0.70 USD / Credit 56.00 USD
160 Credits 0.60 USD / Credit 96.00 USD
200 Credits 0.60 USD / Credit 119.00 USD
300 Credits 0.60 USD / Credit 179.00 USD
400 Credits 0.55 USD / Credit 219.00 USD
500 Credits 0.50 USD / Credit 249.00 USD
600 Credits 0.50 USD / Credit 299.00 USD
700 Credits 0.45 USD / Credit 315.00 USD
800 Credits 0.40 USD / Credit 319.00 USD
900 Credits 0.40 USD / Credit 359.00 USD
1,000 Credits 0.40 USD / Credit 399.00 USD
5,000 Credits 0.38 USD / Credit 1,899.00 USD

Services offered

Of course, Anastasiadate allows you to contact the other members that interest you by mail. It also offers a live chat service with which you can chat with members online. And like many other platforms, it has the “search” menu that helps you find the members that best fit your criteria. You will have to indicate their place of residence (country) and criteria such as age group, size, weight, etc.


The site has a convenient interface, simple and easy to use. Its homepage is very attractive with a harmonious arrangement of photos of charming women. Indeed, the design is beautiful and the presentation of the profiles of the members impresses, especially with the photos. For more convenience, Anastasiadate is available in both English and French and this is also an advantage. There are members of all ages (over 18 years), serious and often speaking in several languages.


We notice small malfunctions when we go from English to French. Indeed, the texts in French are not easily understandable and there are menus that are always in English although one is on the French version. And, that does not make it easy for Francophone members.


AnastasiaDate Review

AnastasiaDate, the first international dating network with more than 4 million members worldwide, has launched its famous local dating agency in new parts of Europe. Enterprising individuals living in the Baltic States and the Balkans can now join the network to promote their own agencies. This approach requires only a minimal investment and a computer with Internet access for a start. An integral part of the company’s philosophy is to bring people from different countries together through the power of common interests.

A major promotional campaign that began with the prestigious Greek launch in Athens, is directed to countries including Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Romania and Serbia. These regions of Europe promise to be a fertile ground for international meetings and a great source of inspiration for cross-border relations. AnastasiaDate will welcome even more partners looking to start a new business or add additional income to their current business. The agencies will generate revenue by registering new members in search of love, providing translations and helping romantic singles connect with correspondents around the world.

“This exciting launch into new parts of Europe is the most crucial development of 21 years in the history of our organization,” says Laurent Cervantes, AnastasiaDate’s Chief Communications Officer. “It will help even more couples get together and also provide a new source of income for hundreds of new and existing businesses in these areas. We look forward to working with a broader network of agencies that will help increase our membership and divulge the saying that love has no boundaries. ”

The Largest Russian Dating Network

AnastasiaDate already cooperates with more than 500 existing local partners in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia. All who join the network receive full support for the launch and operation of their agency and receive income through a reliable and stable payment system. The main steps to start making money are very simple and include registering women from the region to increase the number of staff, assist with communication functions, and provide translation and interpretation services. Men around the world benefit from using the site, which includes the Online Dialogue and Camshare, to connect with romantic and highly eligible correspondents. The profile of all members is thoroughly analyzed and the network has made substantial investments in its comprehensive anti-scam and audit system.

To learn more about the new regions of the Agency and how to join the first international dating network, visit

About AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDate is the first international dating site that facilitates exciting and romantic dating between men and beautiful and interesting women from all over the world. Founded in 1993 and based in New York, AnastasiaDate has more than 4 million international users and more than 100 million online visitors each year. In addition, more than 1.5 million conversations are exchanged on the site every day. AnastasiaDate is committed to the safety of its members, to the satisfaction of the customer and the constant search for innovation. Users can communicate through a variety of high-end multimedia platforms, including correspondence, online chat, and a mobile app for Android devices available in the Google Play store.

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