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jacquie and michel contact, Victoria Milan or Idilys … As you can see, dating sites are not just for singles. The three sites cited focus on extra-marital relationships. But how to interpret this type of dating site? Is it a drift or a new liberation of consciousness? Discover our comparison of the best dating sites of the moment.

Comparison and ranking of the best extra-marital dating sites in 2019

The advertising campaigns that these platforms typically use are quite daring. For example, Gleeden uses a half-baked apple, which is reminiscent of infidelity. Moreover, infidelity is not a taboo subject as before and she has been invited in recent years with dating sites totally dedicated to this theme.

Nowadays, extra-marital dating platforms are a real market with its own characteristics such as discretion, the protection of sensitive data, the anonymity of its users but also the confidentiality of personal information. These points are essential for all extra-marital dating sites.

In recent years, the scandal of the Ashley Madison platform that has been hacked by hackers has turned the sector upside down. The name of no less than 38 million users has been unveiled to the public and has completely changed the industry. The ranking of this category of sites was disrupted as Ashley Madison, former market leader, saw its traffic plummet.

Thus, the protection of private data is now a very important element for adulterous dating sites and they often make it a major argument. This is why we have selected for you various sites to facilitate your choice.

How was the business of extra-marital dating sites born?

This type of site appeared after seeing that many members of classic dating sites like Attractive World and eDarling met people in couples or married, without first having had the honesty to specify the thing. This is how Ravy Truchot (designer of Gleeden) came to this obvious conclusion that a certain kind of population did not have a platform dedicated and responding precisely to their request. Indeed, this category of people hid their true state on the generalist sites such as Meetic and Parship.

Thus, in response to general hypocrisy in relation to infidelity, he chose to design the famous Gleeden at the end of 2009. This last meets the following years a huge success. We now have about 1.5 million members with an increase in the percentage of women (over 40%). The reasons for this figure remain different from those of men. Gleeden has launched a new path and many sites are now trying to get their share of the pie.

From fantasy of infidelity to acting out on extra-marital dating sites

Infidelity is now fashionable. Faced with this desire for extra-marital relations, two solutions are available to you. You can wait for an opportunity to appear or you can create it yourself by opting for this type of dating site. According to the creator of the famous Gleeden, internet users who only sign up have crossed the red line in their heads. Remember that for many people just this thought and a signal to adultery, but also many women consider this as deception.

The only major difference is ultimately in the channel. Indeed, in real life, you go directly to nightclubs, or even to your workplace to have adulterous relationships. But here you just have to fill in a profile! Thus, infidelity is in a virtual approach more than real.

Where previously a bond was related to the forbidden, the transgression; the adulterous encounter on a website, allows somehow not to feel guilty. As long as there is no encounter in real life, and therefore no passage to the act, desire is ultimately only fantasy. We are finally in a form of total illusion.

So why are these adulterous sites so successful and popular? Why do they also appear without taboos about sex and infidelity? Humor and a new concept of eroticism are the main answers to these questions. On the web, functions such as chat and e-mails can raise the temperature and develop imagination and fantasies. These platforms conceive fantasy and dream, and respond to the lack of the couple rooted in their routine and their habits.

Extra-marital dating sites: derives from our society or simple logical evolution?

Most adulterous sites focus on the male audience (Gleeden or Ashley Madison). However, a newly arrived newcomer named Idilys takes the market at odds. To attract men, these sites offer free to women. They also have control and if these gentlemen are not very gallant, they can quickly end up blacklisting. It’s a way of imposing respect and showing that codes do exist in this universe.

Is this a real evolution? Not so sure because fundamentals remain deeply rooted in today’s society: While men rarely leave their wives and multiply their mistresses, women come to this sector for other reasons clearly identified as boredom, being left behind. In general this one will ask for a clear and simple break, the divorce. Let’s not forget that this act is required by nearly 3/4 of divorces are performed by women.

In addition, one must also pay attention to many amalgam. Indeed, we are not talking here about a sector concerning libertine couples who fully assume their choice of sex life and who thrive in desire.

Do not forget that people registering on sites like Ashley Madison or Victoria Milan will surely want to take the plunge but be the dream and the reality, there can be a chasm in this area. Many seek to reassure themselves above all else.

This is why the web is the best tool even if finally there is no passage to the act. In users of extra-marital dating sites, we find those who are used to deceive, but also those who are only dreaming! This reassures them and may even allow them to remove doubts and strengthen feelings in their relationship.
Why focus on paid sites rather than free for extra-marital dating sites?

First and foremost, you must choose your dating site. It does not matter where you are, your age, your situation, etc. : You will inevitably find shoe to your foot. The question that arises is why choose a paid adultery site like Gleeden, Ashley Madison, Victoria Milan or Idilys, instead of a free platform.

Paid dating sites have a multitude of advantages such as:

Payment is already a first quality filter. This avoids a lot of mishaps, fake profiles and fakes. The community of a paid site is obviously more qualitative than that of a free site.
Platforms like Gleeden or Idilys have a technical team and extremely important technical means to ensure reliability and maintenance.
The security aspect is much better, as is the privacy policy and significantly improved moderation. So you will not come across fake profile photos.
The functions are many more such as chat, optimized messaging with webcam or the matching tools.

Here are the reasons to be wary of free sites:

On free sites, there are far too many abandoned profiles, fake profiles and fakes.
We must be extra vigilant because free sites can be designed by detectives who sell all your information afterwards.
The meetings are much more complicated because of the many polluting advertisements.
The balance between men and women is generally catastrophic on free sites. Indeed, men are much more present than women. Thus, you have almost no chance of finding shoes to your feet, unlike pay sites like Ashley Madison and Victoria Milan.

Conclusion on extra-marital dating sites

Extra-marital dating is an increasingly popular sector on the web. Indeed, a multitude of sites have specialized in adulterous relationships. Married members can easily cheat on their partner without any fuss. Indeed, anonymity and discretion are the pillars of this kind of platform. However, each site has its specificities and we must choose the one that suits you

Indeed, adultery and the search for the ideal lover require knowledge of specialized platforms. With this page, we make it easy for you to choose from a selection of extra-marital dating sites: Gleeden, Victoria Milan, Ashley Madison and Idilys. Make your choice !

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