AdultFriendFinder is a site full of options for meeting naughty members who do not look cold. With attractive rates compared to the services offered, it is not surprising that AdFriendFinder is the leader of adult dating in the world. It’s not even necessary to arrange an appointment with features that help you to be patient, like webcam chat, which allows you to get closer despite the distance (whether you are in the same country or not ).

AdultFriendFinder is a well-known site worldwide for adult dating services between men, women and couples around the world. It is the reference site at the international level for adult dating with a reputation that is well established and 300 million members registered on the site. The American leader ranks on the market as the innovator of the concept of dating sites for consenting adults, without taboos with unbridled conversations and features to satisfy everyone.

The name of this site, you may have already seen on adult dating sites. If this is the case, it is because the site works in close collaboration with several adult film sites, an option that has also been integrated into the features of the site. What can a site of this magnitude be worth for extra-marital relationships? Is it serious? We immersed ourselves in the world of AdultFriendFinder to give you all the details you need to know about the site.

General Information about AdultFriendFinder

  • Base users: Couples, swingers, adulterers, gays, lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals.
  • Male / female distribution: 47% men and 53% women.
  • Average age of users: 25-55 years old.
  • Popularity per month: 219th most visited site in the US with 26 million visits per month (According to SimilarWeb Traffic) – [No data for France].
  • Rates: Free registration with freemium features thereafter. Subscription 1 month to 29.85 €, 3 months to 79.53 € and subscription 12 months to 178.49 €. There are also paid options on demand.
  • Feature Listing: Instant messaging with or without webcam, viewing adult videos, flashes, contests, advanced search, hot or cold, watching naughty videos of other live members, blog, magazine.

The history and strategy of AdultFriendFinder

It all began in 1994, when founder Andrew Conru created a general dating site that he resold to buy the domain with the attributes of a social networking site. He quickly realized that the registered members were posting photos of them naked and seeking to meet to engage in adult activities. So he decided to found to relieve those members.

The current parent company FriendFinder Networks has had some twists, but the site is stable. The principle of AdultFriendFinder is to allow couples swingers, men or women dissatisfied with their couple or single women whose sexual practices are very unrestrained to be able to share their desires and fantasies with other members for the purpose of meeting and without being judged. Until then, the site has nothing to envy to its competitors.
The functioning of the site

Registration is fast and takes only a few minutes, as much as its rival The Casual Lounge or Casual Dating. Here it’s free for men and women. The site asks us to enter our email address, our age (more than 18 years old of course), our locality and country. We are also asked to create a password and username. Once this step is complete, you will be redirected to the member area where you will be advised to complete your profile “for more action”. On AdultFriendFinder, there is of course no affinity questionnaire.

The site offers us instant messaging with or without a webcam, which is a great asset that allows to know other members better or to be naughty together virtually. The site also offers us to watch adult videos in an appendix of the site for regulars of adult movies. In addition, the site also offers us as an option to see other members live in naughty videos and very suggestive. Also, we can communicate and interact with other members through sexy contests, flashes to signify to others that we like.

Massive options, the site has an advanced search option based on the criteria of your choice. As at Tinder, AdultFriendFinder offers us a tab Hot or Cold where we like or not a member according to his profile picture. In addition to these many options, we stay informed and get sexo advice through the magazine and blog site, updated regularly.

Ease of use

With an easy-to-use interface and compact menus, the site is easily navigable by users of all ages. There is also very easily help center which is isolated at the top right of the page to be easily separable from other menus. For research, the site offers us an advanced search tab by criteria, very effective to find another member based on criteria of your preference. On AdultFriendFinder, there is no match system, but tools that allow members to spend more time together and discover each other.

Flashes can encourage your contacts to contact you and interact with you. The most useful tool to establish a conversation with another member is of course the instant messenger that can be embellished, or not, a live webcam video.

The site focuses primarily on people looking for extra-marital relationships, but there are also couples who like to share their partner with others. This site is truly open to everyone as even bisexuals, gays, lesbians and transsexuals find their place. The more we are, the hotter it is, no? In this spirit, I would especially recommend this site to people between 18 and 50 who like to share their bodily attributes with other people and who enjoy seeing another person watching them.

For the dating aspect, the site is oriented towards all those who wish to spend a good time without ties, even if it is not rare that after many interviews, some members end up falling in love with one of the ‘other.

How are the members behaving?

The members are the image of the philosophy of the site, that is to say, very libertines and many photos are suggestive and often even pornographic. There is no harm in that because that’s why everyone is on this site after all! The conversations are progressive, we go from a “salute” to “what fantasy can I help you achieve? In less than a minute. That said, at least the members get straight to the point while making sure that you are comfortable with them.

Profile photos must be validated by the site. This process is often very fast and you receive an email congratulating you once this is done. Any member who comes to bother you, it will be possible to block or report abuse to the moderation team that will make a decision vis-à-vis the fate of the account of the member in question. The site has a code of conduct to respect, although the suggestive behavior is of course very popular on the site. Thus, there is no false profile on the site.

Other information and offers

AdultFriendFinder is much more than a site to meet other members for hot moments, it is also a site to watch naughty videos. The site offers us different ways to entertain us, through adult videos on demand, or competitions between members with very hot photos.


AdultFriendFinder registration is free for men and women. Here, no difference in treatment between the two sexes. The site gives us more Freemium than most dating sites that we could test. In free mode, you will be able to watch naughty live videos of other members or to search, play Hot or Cold.

Once a subscription has been taken, you will have access to all the features for which you have paid and for the duration of your choice during the payment. You will be able to communicate with other members, participate in contests and use all the features provided by the site except of course the viewing of adult films that must be paid separately.

Pricing and Fees

Even if registration is free and you can do a lot of things on the site while remaining free, it is always better to choose a subscription that opens doors to meetings in real life. Indeed, even if the options available in Freemium are vast compared to what can be found among competitors, the features have a limit.

Both men and women are subject to these rates (unlike BeNaughty which gives free access to women). For the pricing of subscriptions and services that the site offers, here is what we can find:

Costs and Prices

Duration Costs per month Total
Gold Membership
1 Month 40.00 USD / Month 40.00 USD
3 Months 27.00 USD / Month 81.00 USD
12 Months 20.00 USD / Month 240.00 USD

Payment Tools

The site offers us various ways to pay for any subscription or service provided. Indeed, the site allows us to hide our activity on our bank statement and adapts to everyone, whether you have a card or not. The means of payment are as follows:

  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club.
  • Check / money order.
  • Fax / mail credit card: by providing the consumer service with a digital or paper copy of your credit card.

Warning: subscriptions are automatically renewed by the site when they expire. Make sure to contact technical support at least 48 hours before the end of your subscription if you do not wish to renew your subscription to know the steps to follow for your subscription to end.

Customer support offered by AdultFriendFinder

The site has a help center that includes all the answers to the most frequently asked questions, very complete and almost irreproachable. We also find the very helpful technical support team, who is happy to respond to AdultFriendFinder customers and users through a special messaging system on the site, by email or phone.

The Pros and Cons of AdultFriendFinder site

The site AdultFriendFinder, leader in its field, has obviously more advantages to its assets than negative points. We particularly appreciate the variety of options available to us as well as the means implemented so that members can get to know each other better and talk to each other more easily.


  • Open to everyone on condition of being of age
  • An open-minded community
  • Users from all over the world
  • Reputation and know-how that have been proven in previous years
  • Rates that suit everyone with optional features
  • Live naughty videos
  • An adult film service on demand
  • Competitions and other activities to create links between members
  • A very secure system with respect for confidentiality


  • This site is not for serious meetings
  • Search tools that are not based on the data on the profiles

Reviews and Feedback from AdultFriendFinder Site Users

Charlotte, 26, AdultFriendFinder member (F): “I am a very sexually active person and my desire often exceeds that of my spouse. I came across the site by surfing the internet, and I tried the experiment. I met 2 lovely men on the site with whom I have regular reports. My partner does not believe in relationships to more than 2 people on an intimate plan, so I keep the secret for myself. AdultFriendFinder allows me to not feel frustrated in my relationship with my boyfriend who often comes home exhausted from work. “


Mathias, 33, member (H) of AdultFriendFinder: “I am in a relationship but my girlfriend is a bit cold, even if I like her and I see a future with her, I still miss this aspect sexual in Our couple. I registered on AdultFriendFinder to keep this harmony between us. At first, I tried alone without talking to him. Finally, I suggested that we try new things together with other people for the good of our couple. She surprised me by accepting. Our meeting for triolism went well to the point where she asks for more. I am shocked, but pleasantly! “


AdultFriendFinder is a site that has nothing to prove to anyone with a reputation in concrete in the field of extramarital dating. By facilitating meetings between swingers and people whose sexuality is unbridled, he remains the world leader in adult dating. It offers the greatest number of options that can be found on a dating site, even generalist. Its webcam option and the events that are created to promote exchanges between members are some of the elements that make the strength of this site.

The American giant has no problem in facing the competition. With a quality of services at the height of the tariffs practiced. We also appreciate the fact that the level of security on the site is high and confidentiality is respected.

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