Adam4Adam is a gay dating site for the gay community. Created in March 2003, the website Adam4Adam offers a webcam chat system between guys whether they are gay, bi or transgender. This site is intended to be friendly and open to the entire gay community, regardless of age, regardless of their ethnic origin or whether or not they belong to particular groups: bear, trans, BDSM …

Registration is free and takes less than a minute. You will have to confirm this one via a validation e-mail. In this regard I suggest checking your spam or junk folder to see if it is not there. You will then be logged in automatically and will be able to post your ad and view those of others.

Adam4Adam Review

Adam4Adam is a dating site dedicated to gay community like Meetic gay or Parship gay, located in USA. It particularly welcomes homosexual, bisexual or transgender men. Unlike other sites of the same domain, it has an excellent interface and attractive design. It is not his only assets since it also offers a well-stocked registration service. You will be able to fill in these different information: your pace, the place where you live, your origin, your style, your dimensions, the length of your hair and others. With a detailed profile, you are certain to find a person who suits you and who will make you spend unforgettable moments.

The known data on Adam4Adam

  • Founded in the year 2003;
  • The community of members is 18 to 50 years old;
  • Registration is completely free;
  • The site underwent a redesign during the year 2014;
  • over 6 million members

History and philosophy of Adam4Adam

Founded in 2003, the Adam4Adam dating site was created by A4A Network. Its title is also very similar, it is the same for its interface. Thanks to this, you can be convinced of the quality as well as the seriousness of this site.

The community of members of this site seems open-minded. Whatever your origins or your sexual tendencies, you can be accepted on this one. You only need to be a man or a gay transgender. When you register, you will be required to answer certain information, as we have seen before.

In addition, Adam4Adam has many features that will help you find the right person. The interface is more like a social network than a general meeting site as it also allows you to share your photos and videos with other members. You will also have the opportunity to do webcam shows with the members you want.

Signup process

The registration on Adam4Adam is completely free. When you register, you will need to complete your profile in great detail, using a well-designed quiz: morphology, city, date of birth, type of relationship sought, preferred position, ethnic origin, style of dress, size, weight, hair, hair length … You will also answer several naughty questions to determine your sexual preferences, as well as your tastes in men.

Adam4Adam also offers an optional and paid service, which gives you access to the adult content of the site: photos, videos, live …

Once your account is created and your profile is complete, you can do an advanced search based on your preferences, and you will have access to the messaging system, direct chat and webcam service. Members share many pictures of them in public or private galleries. These photos can be taken from their personal lives, but also from their personal lives. You will find on Adam4Adam a lot of explicit photos. The gay dating platform also offers contests, or you can vote for your favorite member, in support of photo.

Members Structure

The ages vary, between 18 and 60 years, and welcome a community rather open minded. Indeed, what characterizes Adam4Adam first is its openness, and its design that makes the use pleasant! On the site, everyone is accepted, provided of course to be a man or a transgender.

Adam4Adam is completely secure, and all your personal data is guaranteed and protected.

However, we can note a weak point. As on all free sites pollute false accounts and questionable profiles. So be careful and do not hesitate to verify the identity of your interlocutor by means of the webcam. The moderators of the site are unfortunately a little slow, and can not check all the members.

How the Adam4Adam website works

As we have discussed before, this gay dating site has all the features necessary to find a hookup near you. The ones that seem most relevant are related to the video and your webcam. Indeed, get in touch by webcam allows you to have a real opinion on the beauty of the members and not to get caught by too old or retouched photographs. In addition, you can also share cybersex moments. On the site, you will find many members who like to expose themselves and show off through webcam shows.

The videos are present on the site but not only, the photo is there too. Men have public or private albums so you can get a feel for their physique. Photos can come straight out of their professional, personal or even sexual life. Some of them compete in a competition that you will have the opportunity to discover. Just know that there is a trombinoscope that show pictures of their faces and a zobinoscope for pictures of their sex. The competitions take place in a good-natured atmosphere and help to create links.

The features of Adam4Adam

On the Adam4Adam dating site, you will find classic features worthy of a general gay dating site like the mastodon of the Meetic Gay sector. It includes profiles optimization, a description of yourself, an instant messenger, a chat including a webcam, a search system by affinities including many criteria (age, region, level of study, appearance, webcam , video, …), list of friends and favorites. The site also includes original and more naughty features including gay movies, a webcam show for amateurs.

Interface and use of Adam4Adam

Know that the services of this site are completely free, this is one of its biggest assets. It’s a site with a nice atmosphere and all the necessary features to meet people. The use of the site is very instinctive and easy to handle. In addition, its interface is similar to many other general meeting sites but still manages to stand out with an atypical design.

Target and community of Adam4Adam

For all to be clear, it will be difficult to meet the great love on the Adam4Adam dating site that is now called Djizz. However, it is still possible to live a romance on this platform since you are asked during registration if you want to find love or just sex. In addition, this portal is for a libertine gay community who wants to share naughty moments with other men. Thus, if you are a gay, a transgender, a bisexual or a transvestite who wants to make naughty encounters, you will find your happiness on this site! With regard to the average age of members, the age range is from eighteen to sixty and receives all members with a very good reception. In particular, Djizz is characterized as open-minded. Everyone is accepted.

Moderation on the site

As for the moderation of this site, it is excellent. Indeed, the content is frequently controlled to limit fakes or other malicious users. Thus, the A4A group has the authorization to delete any content on its own initiative or that of a user, when he wishes. A4A is not obliged to inform the user beforehand. So, if you want to bring to the knowledge of the founder the presence of contentious content, simply go to the “Contact us” and fill in the following information: your identity, your message, the location of the content that you denounce, the reasons for which you think it is contentious and finally justify the correspondence addressed to the author or the publisher of the content or the activities in question requiring their interruption, their withdrawal or their modification. A4A will not disclose your identity to the author of the content unless there is legal requisition. It will automatically remove any illegal or damaging content and reserve the right to report such content to the appropriate authorities.

With regard to your personal data, A4A undertakes not to communicate your contact details or your identification data to other companies or merchants, unless you agree to them. This is an entirely secure site, so rest assured, your data is well protected. Moderation is really excellent, only a weak point remains. Indeed, since it is a completely free site, a certain amount of fakes and malicious profiles persists. You will need to be vigilant and warn the group if you encounter any problem. In addition, moderation is effective upon registration since there are twenty steps to finalize.


The Adam4Adam dating site is undergoing some competition. Indeed, there are many other sites in this area including Grindr, Jackd, Scruff, Planet Romeo, Man Hunt and others. The web offers so many sites but it has many assets and will be appreciated for its free, quality and seriousness.

Registration to this dating site is completely free, as are its services. If you wish to become a member, you will need to fill in a lot of information with a quiz. You will need to complete your morphology, date of birth, where you live, your ethnicity, your type of relationship sought, your style of dress, your size, your favorite position and more … You will also need to fill in information naughty to have a detailed profile, which will allow you to meet many members with the same desires as yours. After completing the various information, you will have to go to your mailbox to validate your registration. From then on, you can optimize your profile by adding a photo of yourself in profile photo. A well-completed profile allows more meetings and more answers! You can also discover all the tools offered by the site but also get in touch with the members that interest you.

Pricing and Fees

This dating site can be used for free. However, various subscriptions exist to take advantage of all services. Completely free before, it now offers paid services. In the meantime, you can enjoy meeting new people, for free. Enjoy it since it is rare to find free dating sites. Here are the packs proposed:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
VIP Access
1 Month 10.00 USD / Month 10.00 USD
3 Months 25.00 USD / Month 75.00 USD
VIP Access + ProAd
1 Month 30.00 USD / Month 30.00 USD
3 Months 25.00 USD / Month 75.00 USD

The proposed customer support

Regarding the customer support of this dating site, it seems convenient. Indeed, you can address your request by means of a form of contact where you will only have to fill in some information: your pseudonym, your e-mail as well as the type of problem which you meet. The team is committed to responding to you as soon as possible.

The advantages and disadvantages

The Adam4Adam site is a practical and easy to use platform. It has drop-down menus that allow you to navigate ergonomically through the different sections of the site. You will find it easier to find the person you are looking for a naughty moment. Speaking of members, the community is growing and welcomes only homosexual or bisexual people. She is also pleasant and open-minded. As for its features, they seem fascinating. Indeed, the site has classic tools, similar to a general meeting site but also more innovative tools. Now, discover the strengths and weaknesses of the Adam4Adam dating site.

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