9 Steps from Hi to hookup: how to hook up on benaughty.com

Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
June, 2021
how to hook up on benaughty.com

If you read any benaughty review, you know this dating site is perfect for finding hookup dating partners. Still, this doesn’t happen automatically, and you have to follow certain steps for your wishes to come true. Failing on just one step can sink the entire operation, so you need to stick to the script and avoid rushing things. Having some patience is a virtue in the dating game, especially in an online dating environment where all of your potential partners can easily choose someone else if you step out of line. With that in mind, here is the correct sequence of actions that will take you from first contact all the way to a successful first date.

Step #1 - Choose potential partners carefully

Compatibility matters, even if you are only trying to have some casual sex. From all the people from your area you can find on benaughty.com, only a handful maybe after the same kind of relationship you are looking for. You need to identify those users and focus on them, not waste your time with impossible missions.

Step #2 - Compose a smart, decent first message

It’s true that people come to this dating site to be naughty, but you don’t really have to go full throttle in your first message to someone you don’t know. Avoid sending impulsive messages right after you see an attractive profile on benaughy, and try instead to analyze the available info and write a civilized message that will present you in a good light.

Step #3 - Include representative photos

Any benaughty review will tell you that having photos on your profile or attaching them to your message can greatly increase your chances of success. People want to know who they are dealing with, and profiles without photos look suspicious. Show potential partners that you have nothing to hide, but don’t send nudes unless someone asks for them.

Step #4 - Maintain the flow of the conversation

Quite often, people exchange a couple of messages, and the conversation dies out. It takes some communication skills to keep the good vibes flowing without pressuring the other side into replying. It’s fine to let a few days pass between messages, but if you are serious about meeting the person, you have to make sure the inbox keeps buzzing.

Step #5 – Learn about partner’s priorities

Too many people are obsessed with their own needs because they neglect to find out even the basic traits of potential partners. If you realize what a certain person really cares about, it will be considerably easier to address her the right way. Don’t let your ego stand in the way of a great hookup dating, and pay good attention to every detail!

Step #6 – Recognize the moment to ask for a phone number

Going slowly is a good way to start chatting on benaughty, but sooner or later, you will have to take things to the next level. Communicating through a dating site allows each user a safe route of retreat, but there is no going back once you exchange phone numbers. That’s why you can’t ask too soon, and you also shouldn’t hesitate once you feel the time is right.

Step #7 – Suggest a cool first date idea

You can’t go on a first date twice, so you better make it worthwhile. Proposing something cute and creative will help you separate yourself from the field and demonstrate you have some style. Of course, you also need to be practical - the date on the top of the Eiffel Tower in November might be romantic, but you are going to freeze.

Step #8 – Prepare a surprise

The dating game can be very predictable, so if you manage to include a small surprise, that could provide a unique touch and help you make a better impression. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or extravagant; even a card with a personal note delivered funnily can do the trick. Just make sure you are not too easy to read.

Step #9 – Be confident during the first meeting

After all the preparations, the day of your hookup dating will finally arrive. Don’t let the butterflies in your stomach throw you off your plan, and stay confident about your looks and personality. After all, the partner chose you from all the guys on benaughty, so you are already doing fine if you successfully progressed to this step.

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