9 Steps from ‘Hi’ to hookup: How to find partners on Adult Friend Finder

Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
June, 2021
How to find partners on Adult Friend Finder

Thanks to specialized dating websites for casual adventures, finding sex partners is now much easier than it used to be. Still, you have to work hard if you want to be successful in your search, so instead of trying to win instantly, you should be methodical and consistent. That isn’t to say that every conversation should follow an identical blueprint, but there are some steps that you probably shouldn’t skip. If you learn how to send the right message at just the right time, luck will always be on your side. In this AdultFriendFinder review, you can find some useful tips on maintaining open communication lines until the time comes to meet your new lover in real life.

Step #1 – Introduce yourself

Just saying ‘Hi’ really isn’t enough, as there could be dozens of people sending the same short messages. You need to personalize your first message a little bit, perhaps by describing your background and current circumstances. No need to lie here; simply state the facts that really matter about your life.

Step #2 – Explain your intentions

If you studied any AdultFriendFinder review, you already know that most singles on this dating site are very open-minded. Still, you can’t just assume that the other person wants the same type of relationship if you don’t talk about it. A good start is to clearly state what the ideal outcome should be for you and ask how the other person feels about that.

Step #3 – Listen and react

A satisfying online dating conversation must flow in both directions, and for this, you need to stay receptive and pay attention to the answers closely. You don’t have to reply within two minutes every time, and it’s better to move slower and carefully consider every word. That’s particularly useful in the first stages of establishing a connection.

Step #4 – Learn the particulars

Online communication provides you with a perfect opportunity to learn details about potential dating partners, but you have to be inquisitive and discreet at the same time. In most cases, people will volunteer information about their values and life goals, allowing you to adjust your future messages to the person you are talking to.

Step #5 – Exchange photos

Physical attraction is an important factor in the dating game, so the moment when you agree to send personal photos is one of the biggest turnaround points. This is why every Adult Friend Finder review emphasizes the importance of having good photos on your profile page, so you can pass the ‘good looks test’ right away and focus on establishing a connection instead.

Step #6 – Compare dating expectations

Of course, it doesn’t matter that someone likes you physically if you are not pursuing the same kind of relationship. Some people avoid hookup dating like the plague, and it’s best to know early in the conversation if your dating ideas aren’t compatible. No reason to waste time on contacts that have no chance of turning into a real-life meeting.

Step #7 – Exchange phone numbers

If both parties are serious about hooking up, eventually, they must agree to share private phone numbers with each other. This must happen naturally, and pushing for it won’t do you any favors. When mutual desire reaches the boiling point, it will become abundantly clear that it’s time to start communicating directly.

Step #8 – Ask for a date in a cool way

It’s important to make every aspect of the first date special, so the way you pop the question could matter. Find a cool idea for the meeting and try to invite the partner in a fun and non-pressuring manner. Such an invitation will set a carefree tone for the rest of the evening, making it much easier to break the ice and enjoy the date.

Step #9 – Dress sharp but don’t show off

The urge to present yourself favorably is understandable; just don’t go too far. It goes without saying that you need to prepare for the date and arrive clean, well-groomed, and wearing your best clothes. Showing some style is also welcome, so stay away from dramatic fashion statements and lean towards a more casual outfit for this occasion.

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